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Thread: SPEW Babble #43

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    Actually, Jen, the only crime novels I've read are Patricia Cornwell, Dennis Lehane, Ruth Rendell and Martina Cole -- and Martina Cole you might not have heard of but she's pretty big in the UK.

    What are you studying at university? You're Australian, aren't you? I love Australians. Is it sunny where you live? The best-looking Austrailian, without a doubt, is Simon Baker -- he plays Patrick Jane on the Mentalist.

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    jenny b
    Oooh, swimming - I used to swim and one of the things that made me give it up was the intense competition between everyone, even just at practice. I do miss it, though. Good luck with the season, and hopefully it improves and you start to enjoy it soon, Ariana!

    What has everyone been up to lately? The babble is awfully quiet, and I suppose you all have super-busy lives to be getting on with outside of SPEW. I've just started my second year at uni, so that should keep me occupied for a while! And this semester I've been assigned as the project manager for someone's Digital Media Honours Project, which will probably be super-stressful seeing as the person in question isn't particularly organised with their project. And it's worth 50% of my grade. Fun!

    I'm glad you like the tiara, Soraya! And I noticed in your introduction that you said you like crime fiction - have you read anything by Dashiell Hammett before? I'm about to start reading Red Harvest for uni, and I'm a little wary since I've never really gotten into crime novels before.

    I am currently on a cleaning haul of my bedroom, so I might go and finish that now.

    *hugs SPEW*

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