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Thread: SPEW Babble #43

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    Aww, bye Elene! Good luck with writing and everything else your doing. You seem like a lovely person and I'm sure you'll be at awesome at everything you attempt.



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    Oh, Elene and Jenn - we'll miss you! Good luck with your personal issues. It sounds like you're both making the right decision. Best wishes!

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    Aww, you'll be missed around here, Elene, but it doesn't surprise me given how hectic you've been of late, and I'm sure I'll still see you around on AIM on LJ.

    Mere, your banner is so pretty! It's making me feel all summery and happy, which is quite a feat on such a dull, grey day (sometimes I get so bored of English weather ).

    I've actually managed to get a LoveNote written, so I'm feeling proud of myself. I wasn't going to claim one until I got a few other things done, but then I got sideswiped by the sort of insistent inspiration that just won't shut up.

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    jenny b
    You'll be sorely missed, Elene - hopefully we'll see you return sometime in the future, yes?

    Just a heads up, guys - I'm still missing my beloved SPEW file, which means I have no idea who is on hiatus/who missed reviews and everything for January. If you didn't do your January requirements and I haven't PM'ed you, then please start on them anyway as I'll be chasing it up as soon as I get the stuff from my old computer next week. I'm sorry I've been so all over the place the past few months with my computer troubles, but you guys have been fabulous with helping me out and I really appreciate it. <3

    Is anyone up for a SPEW chat sometime soon? I'm free basically all the time, so if you guys let me know dates/times I'll see what I can do!

    I keep trying to write my LoveNote but my creativity seems to have hit a wall at the moment. But there's still over a week, so I'll keep trying!

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    I don't think I'm going to be able to make it to a chat--- I barely have time to do the things I have to and want to do already. But if you do all have one, I hope it's good! I'm also hoping to get back to my fan fiction story, which has been languishing since the summer (none is posted yet, as I write the whole thing first, then get betaing/do revision, and only after all of that start posting -- I don't like posting works in progress).

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    I shall be spending Singles' Awareness Day (<3 Elene for that term) working, and then with the TV. I sent a good friend flowers, since he always sends me flowers on holidays and my birthday, but other than that, I'm looking forward for this particular holiday to be over. St Patrick's Day should be fun, since the t-shirts are always giggle-worthy, but all in all, I sort of left holidays behind years ago. I'm old and stuffy like that.

    Oi! SPEW! Jen's right; there's an echo in here. :/
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    jenny b
    It's a little dead in here lately - where have you all gone?!

    LoveNotes will start being posted tomorrow! (I know it's a bit early for most of you but it'll be Valentine's Day for me) I'm super excited; there are some really great ones this year. For those that don't know, they will be posted over at the spewswap community on LJ. Which will have a Valentine's Day makeover before tomorrow, don't worry.

    Does anyone have any plans? I know it's not a real holiday and most people grumble and moan about it being too commercial, but I've always thought it was lovely that there's a day dedicated to appreciating the people you love. I'm baking my boyfriend cookies and we're going out to dinner, but I'm not expecting anything from him since it was my birthday last week (and he bought me roses then anyway!).

    I'm thinking I might go make some icons, I haven't done that in quite a while. I've just procured Photoshop for my new Mac, so it's quite exciting and shiny and I can't wait to use it.

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    Hello everyone

    I haven't been here in an age, I know, and I sincerely apologise but I'm here now! I hope you're all enjoying your lives. I've been rather ill for a week and I'm currently relaxing at home with some love from my parents, after being stuck feeling miserable at my uni house for the week.

    I haven't got any plans for valentine's myself due to the lack of another half but I hope those of you are planning something have lovely, romantic days/evenings. I don't begrudge other people a bit of happiness every now and then

    This is very much a post of nothingness but I thought I should check it at least. I have my reviews still to do, including a very special one for my Secret SPEW author who I very terribly haven't even said thank you to yet - I promise, Hannah, that I loved the story and am saving my gushing praise for the review.

    I'm signature less at the moment - I feel I need a shiny SPEW banner to show off if there are any talented SPEWers around (which I know of course that there are)

    Later, SPEW!

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    Quote Originally Posted by HannahBob
    This is very much a post of nothingness but I thought I should check it at least. I have my reviews still to do, including a very special one for my Secret SPEW author who I very terribly haven't even said thank you to yet - I promise, Hannah, that I loved the story and am saving my gushing praise for the review.
    No problem, I'm just glad to hear you liked it. I was concerned in case you hated it and were just too polite to say!

    I had no plans for Valentine's Day anyway, given I'm also sadly lacking in the other half department, but I'm now feeling even more sorry for myself as I've lost my voice, so I'm skulking around the house in a slightly pitiful fashion.

    I'm worried about my muse at the moment: it's gone dark. LoveNotes seemed like it ought to be a nice fluffy activity writing cute, little love stories, but my muse is having none of that. The first one I wrote came out all brooding and gothic, and now my second one is going incredibly dark and messed up (it's shaping up with the potential to be the darkest thing I've ever written).

    I'm scaring myself, SPEW!

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    jenny b
    LoveNotes are being posted over at spewswap!

    I hope you all had a lovely Valentine's Day, SPEW, whether or not you celebrate it. I think you're all amazing and I'm so glad to have this group in my life. ♥

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