Hi there everyone

I have just finished reading Mockingjay, the final book in the Hunger Games series. The ending was very depressing, but it did get me thinking about the nature of wars, and how no-one ever really wins.


Plot line:

Firstly, let me stress that this will be a very character driven story, so the physical plot details (like plots and schemes) are not that important. I want you to send a character on a journey. Start off with one person with firm set ideas and convictions, and by the end end up with someone who has been completely changed, and realises that the world of war is not black and white after all.

The story is strictly first person point of view, and follows a female character who is part of the offensive side of a war. Whether they are on the good or dark side, make it clear that it has been their idea to start the conflict, but also that they felt as though they had no choice but do something. Show their motivations, and all they hope to gain from a victory. There should be a scene somewhere where they initiate the attack, with serious consequences. The end of the fic is where the character's side has won the war (or at least that specific battle), but comes to the overwhelming realisation that nothing will ever be the way it was before, and that their actions have made the world a more broken place to live in. They have stepped down a path which they can't turn back from and have to continue on, and had to make choices as a result which are morally grey. Innocent people who were never meant to be involved had to be sacrificed. They had great triumphs, but equally great losses. At the end of the day, no-one wins.

There is also a romance interwoven in all of this, maybe someone on the other side, maybe someone on the same side. He is the male protagonist. He might live or die - you can stage it any way you want.

Mood of plot bunny: Action, Dark and Tragic, a slight tear-jerker. No happy endings However, you can give it one of those "things might get better, there's always hope" type of endings, if you find all this too depressing.

Characters involved: This I'm leaving up to you, however, the main characters have to be canon and from either the Marauder era or Harry's era. No next generation characters please. OCs can be used as needed, as long as the male and female protagonists are canon.

Bunny in a nutshell: Wars are never fair, and no one every really wins, regardless of which side they're on.