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    Long Chaptered Fics

    Okay, so I have this thing for long, intense, well-written fics. I'm not fussy when it comes to subject matter - though I'm not a huge fan of OC fics - but I really just want something that's really long, really well written, and just plain interesting.

    Romance is okay, but not neccesary. Alternative versions of the original stories are...okay, but only if they're really well written. I'm not particularly into the whole dark/angsty thing, but if it's well written...I'm up for just about anything, as long as it's well written, really.

    So...if anyone's read any amazing fics that they really liked, uh...let me know, I guess.

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    A Little More Time by Pallas.

    This is around 26 chapters and is very well-written. Pallas is an incredible writer and has managed to devise a plot (Teddy travelling back to the Battle of Hogwarts to rescue his parents) which is truly wonderful.

    I think it's the best fic on the site.


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    Too Sweet To Remember by Canadian Confessional - 26 Chapters. The plot doesn't show up until the later chapters but the chapters nearing the end was very touching.

    Someone To Watch Over Me by MagEd - 34 Chapters; this is really intense. I wanted to finish this so bad, I was awake until 3am reading it. The fic's an ultimate scroll turner. PS: QSQ Award Winner.

    Both are not your trypical Lily/James fic. (Sorry, when I first read fanfiction, I was all about that pairing) And I second Carole's rec.

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    In honor of Chante's return to the forums and the archives, I have to recommend her Once There Was a Darkness series. Nice and long, not to mention they won a QSQ for her characterization of her OC, Shiloh Sanders.

    Once There Was A Darkness: Year One
    Once There Was A Darkness: Year Two

    Not to mention Chante' has just started writing it again, so there will be even more to come!

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    Wow, that a lot of suggestions Thanks so much, I'm going to go off and read until my eyes fall out now

    Any more suggestions are still welcome

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    Going through my Favorites Page, I've found a bunch more!

    Für Das Größere Wohl: Tim's infamous Dieter story with Nazi, Grindelwal's theology, and all that fun stuff!

    When Worlds Collide: A really great Rose/Scorpius story

    Shining Through Blackness: A very rare story about Isla Black and how she was disowned

    Snivellus and the Head Girl: An AU Snape/Lily story about how he tries to win her back after royally messing up in his fifth year

    Not Only a Granger: An older story, but with more than 30 chapters!

    When Darkness Did Surround Us: Has won the QSQ for best Post Hogwarts story!

    Marissa and the Wizards: This is probably my favorite story on the site, if only because the author keeps taunbting me by refusing to finish it! But if I recommend it to enough people and clap my hands really hard, it will happen!

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    Not sure how you feel about higher ratings (because as it turns out my favourite longer stories tend to be Professors-rated), but here are a few stories that I would highly recommend:

    In the Eyes of Others by Vindictus Viridian is by far the best character study of Severus Snape I've read (it got me interested in him back when I thought I had no interest in him at all). It tells his story through his school days and the events of Voldemort's first rise. It's a little AU now as it was written before DH, but sometimes I have trouble differentiating this story from canon because it's so well-written and so engrossing that it's hard to remember that this isn't actually what happened. There's also a whole sequence of related one shots to this story and an equally brilliant sequel.

    Sins of the Father by The Vault is an OC story, but the OC is really well constructed and fits seamlessly into the canon universe. It's a deliciously dark and richly written, scandalous love story.

    Consequentially Yours is an Oliver/Hermione story with plenty of plot and wonderful characterisation.


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