Something that J.K. Rowling never mentioned on an in-depth level was literature for wizards and witches. There was The Tales of Beedle the Bard, A History of Hogwarts (I'm not sure if those two even count), and I remember a French play called, "Alas, I Transfigured my Feet" (From either Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them or Quidditch Through the Ages.)


Some questions I have about literature:

1. What are some titles you have off the top of your head? Any plot ideas as well?

2. What subjects could be considered controversial?

3. What type of literary movements like Romanticism or Modernism existed in the Wizarding World? Could they be similar to the Muggle movements? If so, how would they be the same or different?

4. Could some of the more ancient writers/philosophers like Aristotle and Aeschylus or possibly more medieval writers like Dante and Chaucer be wizards as well? Could they have written separate manuscripts intended for magical readers and Muggle readers?

5. Could there be a major difference in French literature as opposed to British literature or American, etc.? (Or any nationalities in general.)

6. Would people appreciate literature in the Wizarding World?

That is all.