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Thread: Missing Weasleys?

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    Missing Weasleys?

    I remember reading somewhere that Arthur Weasley was the youngest son of seven. Firstly is this true/ does anyone know where I read this or did I make it up? I'm pretty sure it was in reference to Ginny being the seventh daughter of a seventh son or something like that.

    Therefore secondly does anyone know what happened to these six brothers/ wish to speculate what may have happened to them given Arthur never (as far as I can remember) mentions them? Any info would be great
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    From HP Lexicon

    "Siblings: Arthur had 2 brothers (JKR); Ron's namesake uncle Bilius (PA6) may be one of them (he could also be an uncle on Molly's side). According to Jo, Ginny is the first female to be born into the Weasley family in generations, so we can deduce that Arthur had no sisters (JKR)."

    Uncle Bilius died after seeing a grim unless I am much mistaken.
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    Does seem like an odd mix of names, though: Arthur and Bilius. Maybe the third brother's name began with a C so they could have ABC!

    And Aruthurs father was Septimus Weasley and his mother was Cedrella Black...odd for as much as Arthur was again everything the Blacks stood for. But then again, Cedrella was considered a blood traitor for a reason.

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    I do remember reading the Arthur being one of seven theory, however I think it was only ever a theory - prompted by JKR suggesting Ginny had power we hadn't seen yet and was going to play a huge part in DH - rather than something that was ever confirmed by canon or JKR herself, who specified that he only had two brothers on her website.

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