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Thread: Severus Snape - Part III

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    What do you think Snapes friends were like about him being friends with Lily?

    I don't think they would stop being his friend just because he hung out with Lily sometimes. I got the feeling that they might just sort of ignore her when she was around. It also seems like teasing Snape about her might be something that they would do as well.
    It mentions in DH, that Lily's friends and other students knew about Snape and her being friends, so its not like they were trying to keep their whole relationship a secret.

    There's no specific textual evidence about any of this that I can find, so this is just my opinion.
    Hope it helps!

    PS. I really have no idea about your first question.

    EDIT: Somehow my post ended up above yours. grrr.

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    A couple of questions-

    -where do we find out that snaps inherited spinners end?
    Just a bit worried I missed something, because I don't remember reading it.

    What do you think Snapes friends were like about him being friends with Lily?
    I know Harry thinks in the pensieve-'snape was clearly unpopular', but Sirius also says in GoF that he hung around with a group of Slytherins, so he definetly had some friends, or at least followed some kids around, but do you think Snape and Lily met up in secret, or were just quiet about it?

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    Where do we find out that Snape inherited Spinnerís End?

    Nowhere does it say that he inherited Spinnerís End, but itís a pretty safe assumption. He seems to live there as an adult, and in ĎThe Princeís Taleí Petunia says, ďThey live down Spinnerís End by the river.Ē(DH p.665 American Hardcover version) Spinnerís End seems to be a street. I donít think the house is called Spinnerís End, but since the chapter in HBP is called ĎSpinnerís Endí I bet the house where Snape seems to be living is on that street. If he lived on Spinnerís End when he was eleven and lived on Spinnerís End as an adult, then I bet he inherited. As it seems pretty unlikely (but possible) that he would buy a house on the same street.

    What do you think Snapes friends were like about him being friends with Lily?

    I doubt he told them. Shouting about how he was best friends with a muggleborn Gryffindor is probably going to get you cursed in Slytherin. I really doubt that Snape is someone who would go out of his way to make his life harder. I talk about this more in the next question, but I bet he was really quiet about it. And, if directly confronted he would dodge the question or lie.

    I know Harry thinks in the pensieve- 'Snape was clearly unpopular', but Sirius also says in GoF that he hung around with a group of Slytherins, so he definitely had some friends, or at least followed some kids around, but do you think Snape and Lily met up in secret, or were just quiet about it?

    I bet Snape and Lily were just quiet about it. As, in I highly doubt that they stood in the Great Hall waving a sign that said ďOh look, Lily and I (or Severus and I) are best friends.Ē Lilyís friends obviously knew that she and Snape were friends, since they didnít understand why Lily even spoke to him anymore. So I bet Lily would be pretty open if asked (although maybe not if James asked her). It seems that Snape was really insecure, so I doubt he would be very happy if Lily denied knowing him. Although, I donít think Snape would be very open about his friendship with Lily. First of all, he doesnít seem like a very open person in the first place. And also, Lily was muggleborn and as a general rule (I donít want to get murdered by the ĎSLYTHERINS ARENíT ALL BAD!í people) Slytherin wasnít particularly accepting of muggleborns. And, definitely the junior Death Eaters, who Snape hung out with wouldnít be at all accepting of them. So, I bet he would be very quiet about it, and if confronted about it he would dodge the question or lie.


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    Scarlet Steam Engine
    Thanks alot!
    I didn't mean to make it sound like the house was called Spinners End, that was a typo. I alway thought of 'Spinners End' as the suburb or villiage, but your way makes a lot more sense.

    Now I think about it, What do you think Snapes friends were like about him being friends with Lily? was a pretty dumb question. Your right, it's not exactly something he'd be shouting around.

    Thanks again!

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    I'm planning a Marauder Era fic, and my question here is; would Snape have been in the Slug Club? I've searched around the boards and come up with conflicting arguments in threads and discussions that are all several years old. He's certainly a talented wizard, would that be enough to warrent him a place? Or is he not 'popular' enough, or not likely to be sucessful in life?

    Sarah x

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    We know that Slughorn respected his potioning skills, but I think that after Riddle, he would be very hesitant in inviting anyone who appeared the least bit dark, therefore, I am inclined to say that, though Snape was a very talented wizard, he probably wouldn't be because he wouldn't be worth anything for Slughorn's "collection".
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    This is an interesting question. Maple makes a very good point about Slughorn not wanting to go down the same road again after the Riddle incident. But I wonder if he would have known Snapeís tendencies towards the dark arts? All the professors loved Riddle and only Dumbledore saw through his act. So maybe Slughorn wouldnít have noticed that Snape liked the dark arts.

    Going under that assumption, I think an argument can be made that Snape would have been in the Slug Club. Slughorn seems to admit people because of talent alone and fame alone. He has admitted Cormac because of his famous uncle and admitted Ginny because he saw her perform a curse. He doesnít seem to need both fame and brains. So I think it is completely believable that Snape was in the Slug Club because of his brains. I think you could go either way in your fic, which ever fits the story better. But thatís just my opinion.

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    Do you think Snape spent winter hols at Hogwarts while he was a student? If he did, do you think Lily would have stayed with him?

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    I think Snape would much prefer to be at Hogwarts because he hated being at home so much. Lily ... hmmm .... i think she'd feel a big pull to return home and would maybe only stay in later years or of her parents are going away. She seems to have loving parents (if not a loving sister) so I can see her going home most years.

    Snape, therefore, it all depends on how much he wants to be with Lily, or away from his parents. His home life is only made bearable by Lily. His life at Hogwarts is much much more to his liking. If Lily was going to be spending all her time with her parents, then he might decide to stay at Hogwarts.


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    I don't know ... I think Lily would have returned home regardless, though I'm sure it wouldn't have been an easy thing for her to do, since she seems to at least have had loving parents who I'm sure she would have wanted to go home to, while Snape - it seems to have been really terrible for him at home, and I don't think even Lily would have been enough to get him back there over Christmas, especially since she would be spending so much time with her family anyway.

    If your story (assuming you're writing one) depends on Lily staying, she probably would have stayed if, like Carole said, her parents were going away, or possibly a huge conflict with her sister. She strikes me as someone who would want to avoid drama and conflict, so if her and her sister had had a large fight, that coupled with Snape staying may have made her stay back with him. Likewise, something bad at Hogwarts may have made Snape return home over Christmas despite what was waiting for him back at home.

    This ended up being more Lily-oriented than Snape! Oh well, what can you do...
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