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Thread: Lucy Weasley

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    Lucy Weasley

    I just realized that there is no thread for Lucy!

    What do you think she looks like?
    I imagine her with wavy-ish blonde hair and maybe green eyes. I think she'd basically look like her mother, who I always thought was blonde for some reason. But maybe Lucy has reddish-blonde hair, because she is a Weasley, after all.

    Do you think she loves and always abides by the rules like Percy does?
    Probably not. I see Lucy as bubbly and energetic, which is also how I think of her mother. But then she'd have a temper like Mrs. Weasley and Ginny.

    What house would she be in?
    I see her as a Gryffindor, or maybe a Ravenclaw.

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    What do you think she looks like?
    I imagine her having sort of orangeish red hair that's rather frizzy, and glasses, but otherwise attractive features and, of course, a few freckles.

    Do you think she loves and always abides by the rules like Percy does?
    Yes. I mean, with Percy as her father... OR she could be totally rebellious from having an overly strict dad... Whichever way the author wants to write her.

    What house would she be in?
    Gryffindor. Percy is an annoying git, but he still made Gryffindor, so I'm betting his child would too.

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    What do you think she looks like?
    I actually imagine her with darker brown hair. It's actually not very likely for her to be a redhead, unless one of Audrey's parents had red hair. Which isn't completely out of the realm of possibility, but...I think it's getting a little cliché for ALL the Next-Gen Weasley kids to have red hair.

    Do you think she loves and always abides by the rules like Percy does?
    Here's the thing. I don't think the rest of the family would have told Lucy about Percy's betrayal. She probably thinks of her dad as being one of the top students, Prefect and Head Boy. That's a lot to live up to, and I see her as trying very hard to fill her father's large shoes.
    She may not be a goody-goody rule-follower, per se...I'm beginning to think mischief is an inherited Weasley trait . But, I can see Percy pushing her to be the best she can be, even if she's not always having fun along the way. And Lucy is the youngest daughter--she has her father, and Molly to live up to. So I can see her striving to work hard and become Prefect/Head Girl, definitely.

    What house would she be in?
    Actually, if she's got Percy's ambition it's not completely implausible that she'd be a Slytherin. But, with Weasley genes, I'd say Gryffindor's a possibility as well.

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    I'm currently working on a second generation story and thought it would be helpful to get into some discussion about the characters.

    What do you think she looks like?

    I think she looks a lot like her mother, or, at least, my version of what Audrey looks like. Lucy has neatly trimmed brown hair that comes to her her shoulders and straight-cut bangs across her forehead. She has brown eyes and wears silver, square-rimmed glasses that have an engraved feather design on the sides. She is rather tall and skinny and Molly Sr always complains that she has no meat on her bones.

    Do you think she loves and always abides by the rules like Percy does?

    I see her taking on more of his love for learning than love for rules, though she has respect for authority and rarely ever breaks the rules. My image of her is someone who is very book-smart and studies pretty much all the time and gets top grades. She is not easily humored and sticks to the rules she believes in. She is loyal to her morals and doesn't give into peer-pressure easily. She stands her ground when she thinks she is right, which is almost all the time, and really couldn't care less about what others think about her. Even though she does take after mostly her dad, she doesn't really get along with him. She also doesn't relate to her mother and sister at all, so she spends a lot of time on her own when she is at home.

    What house would she be in?

    I have her in Gryffindor because she does have a lot of courage to be herself no matter what and not care what other people think. Even though she is smart, I don't think she would fit in with the Ravenclaws.

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