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Thread: Towers?

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    Quote Originally Posted by HP-Leixcon
    •The top of this tower where observation sessions are held for Astronomy is more or less directly above the front entrance of the castle; the top of the tower has a parapet (OP31
    The front of the castly faces South roughly, I believe. So it should be the South Tower.


    Just read eevaa's post... I'll search through my books and get back to you to see who's correct!

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    I don't have my books on me, so I can't check/work this out. In one of my fics, the what is known as the Astronomy Tower in Harry's time wasn't the Astronomy Tower in the seventeenth century because I need Astronomy lessons to have taken place elsewhere.

    My question is, does anyone know, or can work out, which tower it could have been, as in North, South etc? I'd like to give the Astronomy Tower-to-be a name, and seeing as they've got the North Tower, South/East/West would be the logical way to go, I reckons.

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    I found something on the Harry Potter Wiki's article on the Astronomy Tower:

    Also, in the films, the witnessing of Hagrid being attacked by Ministry officials by the Fifth years taking the Astronomy O.W.L.s would be impossible, as the Astronomy Tower is located far east of the castle and would not have clear view of Hagrid's Hut.
    However, I've got no idea if that's in line with the books.

    Plus, on the HP-Lexicon there's an illustration of Hogwarts, saying North Tower (Divination) and West Tower (Owlery). EDIT: Just realized that, in that illustration North seems to be opposite of West, instead of South, so I don't know if it's right. Just PM if you'd like the link to the image

    Hope it helps!

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    Don't forget -- there's Gryffindor Tower and Ravenclaw Tower (and -- does Hufflepuff have a tower, too? I know Slytherins get the dungeons). . . so there are clearly more than just the 4 towers for the 4 cardinal directions, and that might be why some of them aren't listed as relating to a direction. At first, I was thinking that the Astronomy Tower would make sense to be right in the middle, and just taller than any of the other towers (thus permitting one to see in all directions), but that would make Dumbledore's fall pretty impossible, since he landed on the ground, not a rooftop, and I can't imagine Snape's Avada Kedavra causing D. to soar over half the castle. That said, it still doesn't have to be at one of the cardinal points, since we still have more than 4 towers overall.

    I'm not sure if that's helpful, but I thought it was useful to know that we have more towers than directions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vorona
    (and -- does Hufflepuff have a tower, too? I know Slytherins get the dungeons)
    I believe that Jo said in an interview that Hufflepuffs have their common room near the kitchens. I think it might have been said in the Pottercast interview, but I'm not sure.

    Maybe you could have it so Astronomy lessons take place in the Divination Tower (and maybe there's some sort of backstory as to why they switched towers -- like the Astronomy and Divination professors were bitter rivals or a extremely nasty super-Dungbomb went off in the old classroom and it was unusable from that point on).


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