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Thread: Time Travel Fics

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    Time Travel Fics

    I've read some on other sites, and now I'm looking for some good time travel stories on MNFF. My personal favorite is when Harry et co. go back to the time of the Marauders, but I'm open to any recommendations you have. I'd prefer stories that focus on the Marauders, Harry's generation, or the Next Gen (rather than, say, Voldemort or the Founders) though I'd be willing to give other eras a try as well.

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    Well, I wrote a TT fic for a challenge, Time for Plan B, but it's Draco/Ginny oriented (not so much a romance but more of a humour piece). It takes place during the Marauder Era, but I tweaked it so that Lucius and Narcissa also attended school (albeit they are several years older than the Marauders).

    Life doesn't always go according to plan, so sometimes you need contingencies. But what if your back-up to your back-up plan fails? What can you do? Mix in hexes, rumours, a reverse-Oedipus complex, something about a pig, and set it all in the year 1975, and you are bound to have issues—serious, psychologically-scarring issues. Oh, and did I mention Draco and Ginny were in the middle of all this? Yeah. Fun times.

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    There's a great fic by Pallas - A Little More Time - but it's about Teddy Lupin going back in time to see his parents. I've only read the first chapter so far but it seems good

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    This story is essentially about Harry going back to time and meeting his parents, but along with Hermione, Ron and Draco. Harry's characterisation is great, I loved the originality of it. The way Harry deals with his parents and the presence of babyHim is interesting. You can imagine there's some Draco/Hermione romance there also. However the story is not complete on the archives and the rest of it may be found on, for reasons the author has posted on their profile.

    It's called Harry Potter and the Impossibility of Time Travel by ChibiChibi

    One more of my favourites is Fate by Liisa.

    Its about Sirius, Harry and Remus going back in time to see if they can change something in the past there that would turn the events in an attempt to lessen the burden that Harry is carrying by the end of book five. Yes, if there seems to be an anomaly about my last sentence, it is in the phrase, 'end of book five' because Sirius is dead isn't he?

    So, here's the thing about this story. The first three chapters one after another find a way to get to you, after that, you find the way back to them. One of the best laid stories I read ever on MNFF.


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