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    Racing Co

    Lockhart's Books

    I'm writing my third fic featuring the one-and-only Gilderoy Lockhart (which is really quite pathetic when you think about it). This one is going to be about his meteoric rise from a nobody to a national celebrity.

    Anyway, that brings me to a little factual question: of his many false tales about vanquishing magical foes, which book do you suppose Lockhart wrote first? When listing his books in Chamber of Secrets, JKR mentions "Break with a Banshee" first. However, I think that's to keep things in alphabetical, rather than chronological, order.

    Do you think it matters one way or another? Probably not, but the fic is mainly going to be the backdrop of what really happened leading up to when Lockhart penned his first book.

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    I could see Lockhart starting off with his book Gilderoy Lockhart's Guide to Household Pests.

    Perhaps he started here, thinking he'd make a lot of money off a simple household guide, and when that fell through, he decided to take the more dramatic route and began telling great tales of battling much more gruesome things.

    Though, I could also see him making that book out of request for all of the adorning witches once he did become famous. This is the only book that is out of place, so I think it was either written as a first thought or as a high demanded book.

    If you wanted to use one of his epic tales as his first book, you could really choose anything. Whichever interests you the most, I'd say!

    It would all depend on what he heard about first/who he found first/who told them their story first. Just a long line of firsts haha. So you can decide what fool was the first to invite Gilderoy Lockhart into their home.


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    Racing Co
    Thanks, Sarah. Lots of interesting insight, for sure.

    I always thought Lockhart wrote about Guide to Household Pests later, when he knew anything would sell if he slapped his face on it. I've always imagined he's written a lot more books like that one. Maybe a cookbook? He's got to fund his garish wardrobe somehow!

    I'll probably just, as you said, pick an epic tale with an interesting premise. Or at least one that fits into my plot.

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