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Thread: Defence against Werewolves?

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    Defence against Werewolves?

    I'm in the middle of writing a fan-fic where Remus becomes a werewolf. He didn't use the wolfsbane potion at this time so he's feral and aggresive to humans.

    My question is, What spells could/would be used against a werewolf? We don't want to kill Remus because he's pretty awesome but what spells could be used? I know there's Stupefy and Immobulus but is there anything specifically for Werewolves?

    I'd be extremely grateful for any ideas.

    P:S also the wizard casting the spells is an adult so they should have a wide armoury of spells.

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    ok the leg-lock idea seems really good. Due to them being so strong and not exactly human. I think I'll try the Petrificus totalus spell or I'll have a look at other spells in the harry potter world that paralyse an opponent or something. Cheers Sarah.


    P:S I think this can be locked now

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    I don't think there's any spell specifically to ward off/defend yourself from a werewolf. I think if there was, there would be even less werewolf attacks and such.

    I think normal defensive charms, such as the ones you've mentioned, would be used to defend ones self from a werewolf. I think things like Petrificus Totalus or a leg locker curse would work really well.

    I think that because a werewolf isn't totally human, a spell would either effect it differently, or would wear off faster though. For example, I could see a werewolf getting out of a leg-locker curse very quickly simply becuase of the size of a werewolf. So although it would buy someone a few seconds think of something else, it wouldn't totally put them out of harms way.

    Maybe you could even make up a spell? I don't think it's really possible to make a curse/charm against a werewolf, but maybe something that defends from the wolf aspect only. Maybe something that dulls the teeth and/or claws?

    That's all I can really think of!


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