Hey guys...I'm back at the Reference Desk. No New-Thread sprees, though. Not this time.

I was just wondering how to say 'the French Ministry of Magic' in French. Because though English people will call it that, French-speaking wizards won't. I looked it up on Google Translation and it gave me le ministère français de la magie but I know from past experience not to trust it too much. The sentence is just something along the lines of
She said she worked at the French Ministry of Magic.
Tis all.

Now, I'm assuming that most countries have Ministries of Magic, because in Goblet of Fire, the Bulgarian Minister was there at the World Cup. And they might have to have similar governmenting thingies because they're all connected internationally for a lot of things: Magical Beasts, International Confederation of Wizards, I think it's called, etc.

So I'm thinking that the French Ministry, at least, would work similarly to Britain's, if not the same way. I'd like to think that the French had lots of different departments and divisions, too. They'd have their own version of the Department of Mysteries, because Britain can't possibly hold all of the mystical studies and artifacts and such. Yes?