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    I don't speak French, so as far as that goes I'm no help to you. However, I do have a...suggestion? It's just that I honestly don't think the French Ministry of Magic would be called...well, the French Ministry of Magic.

    It's just that...I've always thought it was called the Ministry of Magic because in Britain they're all like, Ministries. You know, like the Ministry of Defence, the Ministry of Education, etc. I don't know what they're called in France, but I think if you found out that could be helpful...

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    French Ministry of Magic

    Hey guys...I'm back at the Reference Desk. No New-Thread sprees, though. Not this time.

    I was just wondering how to say 'the French Ministry of Magic' in French. Because though English people will call it that, French-speaking wizards won't. I looked it up on Google Translation and it gave me le ministère français de la magie but I know from past experience not to trust it too much. The sentence is just something along the lines of
    She said she worked at the French Ministry of Magic.
    Tis all.

    Now, I'm assuming that most countries have Ministries of Magic, because in Goblet of Fire, the Bulgarian Minister was there at the World Cup. And they might have to have similar governmenting thingies because they're all connected internationally for a lot of things: Magical Beasts, International Confederation of Wizards, I think it's called, etc.

    So I'm thinking that the French Ministry, at least, would work similarly to Britain's, if not the same way. I'd like to think that the French had lots of different departments and divisions, too. They'd have their own version of the Department of Mysteries, because Britain can't possibly hold all of the mystical studies and artifacts and such. Yes?


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    I agree with emck

    The translation you did does translate to "The French Ministry of Magic"--but it doesn't seem to flow as well. In England, they just call it the "Ministry of Magic" , not the "English Ministry of Magic". Just try "le ministère français". Or even something completely different. It might not be called a Ministry in France, maybe it's les gardiens de la magie (The Guardians of Magic) or if that sounds too mythical, it could be "Gouvernement Magique" (Magical Government).

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    Or, considering that they have l'Academie Francaise (sorry for lack of accents) to supposedly study, but actually control the use of the French language, you could have l'Academie de Magie (often, in cases like Ministries, Academies, etc. you do end up dropping the article, so it probably wouldn't be l'Academie de la Magie (or, le ministere de la magie). Of course, the disadvantage would be confusion with actual academies.

    Hope that helps!

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    The short answer is that the modern French government uses the term ministry.

    But the history major swings in to add complications!

    Oops, that's probably the last thing you want, but here goes.

    Britain has had a remarkably stable governmental structure over the past few centuries. Oh yes, they had a civil war and they've had wars over who would take over the monarchy, but generally the entire system of government did not change.

    Then you look at France. They're on their fifth republic. Fifth. They've had three empires, five republics, a lot of monarchy, and Vichy (whatever you might think of them).

    With that in mind, you can probably call the French magical government what you want. Ministry, academy, government, directorate, they'd all probably be valid for one or another time period in French history. So it would also be dependent on when the French wizards and witches really started moving away from the Muggles and what their relationship with the various political powers in Muggle France is like.

    Pure-blood French wizards = monarchists? Perhaps. But that's a totally different question.

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    You also might want to look the structure of the Muggle French government for answers. I'll tell you what I mean. In Britain, the various stations of the government are the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Defence, but in the United States, it's the Department of Education and the like, which is how I came up with the United States Department of Magic for the name of their government. I also studied how each Department operates within the government for further insite.

    Just a little food for thought.

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    A similar topic has been discussed in this thread here.

    Going off on Aida's idea of monarchy, if you don't want the traditional king and queen sort of thing, France could instead be overseen by an entire family of royals, with different dukes or lord or whatever ruling different provances.

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