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Thread: Dark fic's?

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    Dark fic's?

    Hey, guys. I've been looking for a dark fic. It could be AU or whatever, I don't really mind. Just something that I can really get into and laugh insanely evil over. Erm... Maybe not the last one but you know what I mean.

    So, any help?

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    Ooh, dark fics = awesomeness.

    Normally, I'm not one to promote my own work, but if you want something on the lines of sinister, I do have one that you might like. It's about Madam Zabini and her sordid reputation as a black widow. I've been told that it is quite dark and maybe a little disturbing.

    Diary of a Black Widow Woman

    Plus, if you're looking for something on the spooky side, I have a couple other recommendations, as well. One is about Dementors and how they think when they're about to feed on a soul. It's really intense.

    Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang by SK Witch

    Also, I recommend this next one because it has that aura of a story one would hear around a campfire. It's about a dangerous beast that rips people's heads off.

    Twilit Woods by inspirations
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    Matthew Seven: If there had been a 'Horror' category at MNFF, I would have submitted this there.

    Candles Burn by lily_evans34: This is dark and sad and moody, like an oil painting by a dead French guy.

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    You know, I've always liked this one:
    The Pied Piper of the Black Forest
    It's pretty scary, with a heartbreaking twist at the end.

    Okay, here is another. It's a strange little thing I wrote myself a while ago that might fit the ticket:
    Blood on My Hands

    And I know I could post another, if only I could remember what it was. . .

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    The Resilient by Misdemeanor1331 is a very dark and macabre AU fic.

    I've also written something that you might like, Your Heart Burned Black.

    Another author to check out is fg_weasley:

    Poppy Seeds and it's sequel, Beata Beatrix.
    God Save the Queen
    Echoes of a Distant Time
    Between the Hopefull and the Damned

    whimper by psijupiter is also a very well written dark fic.

    I hope you enjoy these!

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    Oooh, me loves dark fics. Here a some of my favorite:

    Take My Heart Away by Hatusu (chaptered)
    The Sweetest Sin by annie (chaptered)
    Finality by Eilime (one-shot)


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    Wow, thanks everyone! I'm defiantly going to check some of these out!


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