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Thread: Auror Rankings

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    Auror Rankings

    I'm working on a fic I began before the release of HBP; it's set during Harry's sixth year. I have Kingsley calling Tonks "Auror Tonks" shortly after finishing her training, and my lovely Beta Molly raised a valid question: Do trainees immediately become Aurors, or are there other stages/ranks that come first (like in the real world we'd have officers and detectives, etc)? I know that in other threads people have mentioned that the only other rank we know about is Head Auror, that the Aurors are considered the elite, and that few people become Aurors. And that there's a difference between Aurors and Magical Law Enforcement... So what exactly do the two departments do, what are their differences, what similarities are there in training for the two, etc? Wouldn't Aurors need many of the same skills, so wouldn't it make sense for there to be parallel ranks for Aurors as for MLEs - or at least ranks that Aurors might jokingly give each others?

    My main question is would it be appropriate for Kingsley to be calling Tonks "Auror Tonks" in front of the Dursleys the summer before Harry's sixth year? (A bit of context: Kingsley is trying to regain control of a situation involving grapefruit taunting, and he would be using Tonks' full title, whatever it might be.)

    I'd love to hear your thoughts.


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    Tonks is refered to as an Auror in Order of the Pheonix so I think that you are safe enough to have Kingsley call her Auror Tonks. As training is three years and Tonks had only qualified the previous year it seens that they go straight from Trainee to Auror. There could possibly be an apprentiship under an experienced Auror but I think that that would be part of training rather than after it was complete.

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    While we're on the topic of Aurors, I thought I might ask a question of my own. Do we know if Aurors work with partners the way Muggle police officers do, or do they instead work in units or just as individuals?

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    Aurors, to me at least, seem more like counter-terrorist operatives, while Magical Law Enforcement (MLE) would be our average police officers. While the MLE would go after someone like Mundungus Fletcher for filching illegal cauldrons, the Aurors would go after Lord Voldemort or Bellatrix Lestrange. I think there'd be lines drawn between someone who committed one murder - say, like a domestic couple where one spouse killed the other in a fury - and someone who committed multiple murders or terrorized lots of people, the latter being Auror territory, and the former being MLE.

    As to the other questions, I don't know that there are enough Aurors to really have rankings. They'd be helpful, though, and I imagine they'd be much like the Army or police officers in the Muggle world, save having different titles.

    To the partners question, I think partnering would be an ideal way of working, especially for missions or for new Aurors, but I don't think it would be necessary if it didn't work with your story. Personally, I'd partner them though.

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    Auror ranks: You could have a bit of fun and invent an absurdly long title: "Apprentice Auror Trainee Tonks!" But realistically, aurors go from their three years of training to the field as a full auror. Though they probably wouldn't be assigned independent missions yet.

    Aurors having partners: I don't think it is ever established if Aurors have partners or not, though Kingsley and Tonks apparently work together with some frequency. Depending on the size of the office, they might not have regular partners though. I think they would work in partners or in groups generally, but they wouldn't necessarily always work with the same person. The department seems small enough that they could assign pairs or small groups of people to work individual cases as they want.

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    I was looking on the Lexicon and saw that were many things under the Magical Law Department. There's actually a total of six offices within the department

    - Improper Use of Magic Office
    - Misuse of Muggle Artifacts Office
    - Office for the Detection and Confiscation of Counterfeit Defensive Spells and Protective Objects (established in '96 when people started selling fake protective equipment against Voldemort)
    - the Wizengamot
    - Auror Office
    -Magical Law Enforcement Squad

    Since there's specific offices for improper uses of magic and for the misuse of muggle artifacts, I don't see what that would leave the MLE to do. The Lexicon states that they "employ Hit Wizards to handle dangerous criminals such as Sirius Black". I wonder if the office is made up of Hit Wizards? The word employ bugs me here, it's quite confusing actually. But anyways, I think Laurskii is right in saying that the MLE would concern themselves more with minor criminals, such as someone stealing and would even handle public disturbances. I see them as more of the "Peace Keepers" who wouldn't have to use magic to deal with their situations like an Auror would.

    So, I think the question should be, what's the difference between a Hit Wizard and an Auror. Hit Wizards aren't really mentioned in the books, at least I don't remember reading about them, but the lexicon says they were the ones who captured Sirius. It also very clearly states

    Quote Originally Posted by HP-lexicon
    The Hit-Wizards are not the same as Aurors. Hit-Wizards, it would seem, are sent primarily against criminals while Aurors track down and capture Dark Wizards.
    Just want to mention that Hit Wizards deal with dangerous criminals, so that's how they's differ from just regular Law Enforcement.

    The Lexicon also has specific training that both the Aurors and Hit Wizards do. They basically differ in that an Auror needs a higher education and they go through a series of tests, whereas there's no testing to be a Hit Wizard, just some general training.

    I think the training for the MLE would be even less of that than a Hit Wizard, disregarding the training on counter-curses and such.

    To answer some of the other questions, like everyone else said there are no ranks in Aurors. You're just an Auror. I suppose the ranking could be in the department itself, you have the Witches and Wizards that deal with the Misuse of Magic, the MLE, the Hit Wizards and then you'd have the Aurors.

    As for parteners, I think they would have them. I think it would also depend on the investigation, or person they're tracking down. They may be jobs that one Auror alone could handle, and the Head would choose them to work alone so another Auror could help with something bigger.

    I hope this somewhat helped... maybe?


    Edit: I've been rereading OotP, and they actually say some things on Auror's, which reminded me of this thread.

    "'Yeah,' said Tonks, looking proud. 'Kingsley is as well, he's a bit higher up than me, though. I only qualified a year ago." OotP, American paperback, pg.52.

    So there's definetely some sort of ranking. Also on page 123 of the American paperback, Arthur mentions that the pranksters who hexed the toliets to throw up on people would be too trivial for Aurors, and the MLE would do it. Which we already came up with ourselves, just thought I'd show some evidence that JK so kindly gave us to what Auror's would do . WHICH ACTUALLY, Kingsley is in charge of the Sirius Black case, so I don't know what the Hit Wizards would be doing...

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