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Thread: Barty Crouch Sr.

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    Barty Crouch Sr.

    So I'm doing a bit of thinking about Barty Crouch Sr's career before his son went to Azkaban. Sirius says in GoF that Barty rose quickly through the Ministry, but how quick do you think is quickly? Two years? Five? Seven?

    He was also Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement during the first Voldemort war, but what was he doing before he got this promotion? Was he in that Department, or was he somewhere else? What would be a good job for him to have before that one?

    Be grateful for any ideas!

    Sarah x

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    How quickly did he rise... well from starting in the Ministry to head of a department, I think in five years or less would be very quick.

    With regards to what job he had before he was the Head of Magical Law Enforcement, I think a bureaucratic position in the same department would make sense. At least in the US, police tend to react badly to outsiders taking over the department, I don't know if the wizarding world would be the same.

    At the same time though, I don't really imagine him having started as the equivalent of a "beat cop", that is someone in uniform who patrols the streets for problems.

    Still, law enforcement isn't a department you just jump to after having a job in say... a sports management department.

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    I think three years would be very quickly, and he was probably in the same department.

    He would be start off with a job that wasn't high, but wasn't really low, and I think he would get promoted every 5 or so months.

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    I think Barty would be promoted about every two years, rather quickly. He would be very devoted to his work and very hardworking to a fault to gain quick promotions, like Percy. Barty would start off at the bottom of the corporate ladder and work his way up.

    Hope this helped!

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