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Thread: Explaining magic to muggle partners

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    Explaining magic to muggle partners

    At what point in a relationship would a witch or wizard tell a muggle partner about the magical world?

    Would there be a rule or law? Would it be necessary to get ministry approval?

    Would it be after a set period of time or after the couple got married? What about whirlwind marriages or people who don't want to get married and just live together for years?

    What about after a break-up? Would the muggle partner's memories of the magical world be wiped, or the memories of the whole relationship? Would they be allowed to remember it all?

    What about a couple with children - would the children's memories be wiped too, or just the memories of the partner?

    I'm just wandering about the details as I've got an idea for kind of half a plot at the moment and the direction it goes is really determined by how this would work....

    In my head, you would need ministry approval to tell a partner you weren't married to... And if you were to split up then only the memories of the magical world would be wiped. I'm just unsure how this would work if the muggle didn't consent to the memory charm or if there were children involved....


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    Based on Hermione's parents being allowed in to Diagon Alley and Petuina being fully aware of what her sister was, I'd say there's some legal leeway in regards to disclosing the magical world to non-magical partners. I'm not sure I can quite picture the Ministry have either the ability or the Big Brother tendencies to ban people from telling potential partners or erasing memories - they probably go in with the memory charms if some Muggle takes things the wrong way and starts spouting off abou secret wizard cabals, but I imagine on the whole they just sort of trust the general magical population to not get involved with those sorts of people in the first place.

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    Mrs Finnegan didn't tell her husband that she was a witch until after they were married. I'm sure that if she had had to wait that Seamus would have explained that she couldn't have told him any sooner. I think that it would be up to the discretion of the Witch or Wizard involved, but if their partner took it badly and it seemed that they were going to expose the magical world the Ministry may need to use a Memory Charm. On the other hand she may have been able to tell him sooner but she would have had to get Ministry approval. I could see it going either way. If memories were wiped I do think that it would be just their memory of the magical world, but in the case of the Roberts family the memory wipe didn't go so well because it was a big thing that they had to forget. I can imagine this being true in the case of a relationship.

    I think that the same would apply in the case of children. A child wouldn't be able to control their magic in front of a Muggle parent and I don't think that they would be able to have contact. The partner would probably remember that they had children (I don't think that the Ministry would take that away), but that they were in their partners custody and that they are happy to leave things that way and not to see them. I don't see any need to wipe the childrens memories.

    If you are talking about the Muggle partners childern from a previous relationship their memories would probably be wiped as well. At first I thought that Muggles would see it as fantasy and there would be no risk, but now I think that there could be a probability of it sparking a memory in their parent so it would be safer if they didn't remember.

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    I'm not sure about the memory wipe thing. This depends a lot on under which minister you're setting your story. It's something I can see Fudge doing, for example, or someone before him, but definitely not Kingsley.

    I think that this would be seen as a great disrespect to the Muggle...

    It's a lot like the thing with the Prime Minister when you look at it from the wizards' point of view. Who is the Muggle going to tell, anyway - and who's going to believe them? If people start telling their relatives/friends that their ex was a witch... would you believe it? I doubt it. They'd probably think that the Muggle was taking the breakup a bit too hard, and either imagining things or making them up.

    I can see them using memory charms when it gets out of hand, but not as soon as the couple gets a divorce.

    They definitely wouldn't wipe the children's memories if they're magical too...

    I can imagine that you need to notify the Ministry when you're telling your partner. Not ask for permission, but send them a notification - so that they have a way of keeping track of the Muggles who know about magic...
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