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Thread: Luna Lovegood Fics

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    Luna Lovegood Fics

    Well, we know which time era she's from...the Trio Era! I'd like to see a fic that portrays Luna excellently, hehe. That's what I really want to focus on: her characterization. I'm writing a short bit about her, but it'll be that much harder to characterize her. She's a unique character, and I don't want her to come out to ditzy or a Stater of the Obvious too much. I'd like to see a balance between her oddness, her knack for saying th truth, and her intelligence and all those little things. She is in Ravenclaw.

    Hayden de Hayden

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    Well, since we're allowed to advertise our own stories, might I reccomend a couple of my own?

    The Same as a Duck: A Monty Python-inspired story in which Luna brings a duck to Potions and you can see where we're going with this.
    Christmas Cheer: Love, Luna: Luna desides to spread Christmas cheer by going around giving presents to the most miserable people in the school.
    The Arcane ScoRA and the Wand of MacArt: Luna doesn't have such a big part in this one, but you get to see her as an adult, and she gets to be bada** by helping slay a manticore.

    Luna Lovegood is one of my absolute favorite characters, and the patron saint of Ravenclaw, so I do my very best to do her character justice.

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    99 Red Balloons

    So, maybe this story doesn't delve as much into characterization, but it's beautiful. Highly recommend.

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