I'm re-writing an old one-shot set just after the anti-dementor lesson in which Harry first hears his dad. I don't have my books with me at home, so I'm needing a few details about that scene, so if anyone's got the answers to these questions, it would be great.

I need the exact wording of the following lines:

'I heard him- I heard my dad.'

'Did you know my dad?'

'If you knew my dad, you must have known Sirius Black, too.'

That's what I roughly think they are, but exact quotes would be wonderful.

Also, what room do the lessons take place in? I orignally thought it was Lupin's office, but I've just remembered something about the History of Magic classroom. If it did take place in Lupin's office, what does the place look like? Is there a tank containing some sort of creature in there? Is it canon that things Boggarts hide in rattle and shake, or is this just me remembering the film?

These are specific things, but if there's anything else someone can tell be that would be great!

Sarah x