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Thread: Megan can Banner!

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    I love your banners!
    Can you pretty please with sugar on top make me one?
    Take all the time that you need. I understand that you have homework and stuff.
    I have to build a bridge out of toothpicks this weekend.....

    EDIT: Done with my toothpick bridge. It held 5kg. I haven't heard from you or seen you in a while

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    Oh gee whiz. I have been sorta absent lately, haven't I?


    I am very sorry about how long this has taken.
    But I have your banner, Megan!

    And an avvie to make up for the atrocious lateness:

    Any changes, alterations, or anything at all?

    And thank you for the good luck wish. I did get an award. It was a small award, but since there were only about three hundred awards out of about one thousand submissions, I'm quite happy. No money though. But I get to be uber-happy because it got out on display! (but they put it up sideways... Oh well.) It was still uber-awesome. And super inspiring to see all the other winners. Their stuff was soooo bootiful. Now my sketchbook is filling and filling... I did THREE drawings in science today... I ussually get three a week or so...

    And Elizabit, I shall do your banner next.
    Kinda really hiatus-y at present.
    And Julia, this avatar is really pretty. Je l'adore.

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    Band! :)
    OH!! It's sooooo beautiful Megan!!! thank you!!!!

    And welcome back!!

    AMAZING banner by Julia (theopaleye)

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