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Thread: Spells - Severing Charm

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    Spells - Severing Charm

    I think there should be a thread for spell-related questions, because I have one and I feel sort of bad starting a new thread for it. But here goes.

    The Severing Charm - Diffindo - is only cited as being used on material objects, with the exception of the tentacles attacking Ron in OotP. Do you think it could be used as an offensive spell in battle? I would like to use it that way but want to make sure someone else thinks it's possible. It would obviously be similar to Sectumsempra, except that spell is Dark Magic in that anything cut away from a person does not grow back (such as George's ear.) But I don't want Dark Magic, so I'm planning on Diffindo for my duel. Does that sound like it will work or is there something better?


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    Hi Gina. I'm no expert on severing charms and am not sure about the answer to your question, except to say that I would buy that line as a reader. ? I just wanted to point out that Hermione used a severing charm in DH to get the locket off of Harry after they escaped from Godric's Hollow. I could be wrong, as I did not check... but I think so. So there would be more precedent than just that incident with Ron in OOTP.

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    I think it would work. Sometime in one of the books, I think Hermione tries to cut something holding Ron, and misses, cutting his knee instead. So it can definitely be used against living things, and that it was used against tentacles is not just an inconsistancy. I think that yes, it would work in a duel, but you might have readers stop for a moment to ponder how that charm would work there, as I think people will usually think of it as something that is ussually used on material objects. You might want to consider making up your own incantation. (very big maybe) I think though, that it would be less damaging than Sectumsempra in that it could be healed.
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