Well, if you want to keep in the theme of the Harry Potter books, I think brushes would be the obvious answer. I know they seem inconvinent to us mere Muggles, but quills are pretty inconvinient when you think about it too. How do students go about taking notes. I not composition books are notorious for having ink bleed for the pages. And yes, I am speaking from experience.

But the wonderful thing about fantasy stories; if something seems inconvinient, you can just tweak with reality to make your plot point fit. Perhapes there is some magical creature whose hair naturally retains ink to allow for easier writing.

So, do you think Asian wizards still travel through fire and Floo Powder? Do you think Floo Powder was introduced by Western wizards? What would have been used before then? If travel through ponds is impractical, do think any water source would work? What could be another means of travel that could be a parallel to the Western Floo?