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Thread: Question Corner #6 - Ask the Barmaids

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    I'm new to the MNFF boards and I would like to participate in some of the drabble challenges. However, as some are just finishing I realise that I'm a bit late. As far as TTB Brawl, it looked like something I'd be interested in participating. However, before making a final decision about it I wanted to look at more information, more specifically the rules. When I clicked on the link to read the Brawl rules it took me to the old MNFF boards and asked me to log in. When I attempted to log in it didn't recognise my username or password. Is there a way to view the rules so I can be certain this is something I'd like to do.



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    Russia Snow
    It's great that you're looking to participate in TTB! You're not really late, I'm literally about to post another weekly challenge within the next few moments, so feel free to check that out =) (Link to new weekly challenge can be found HERE)

    As for the brawl, it's a super fun thing to participate in, and although it does take quite a lot of commitment, I'm glad it is something that interests you. Thanks for bringing up the problem with reading the rules, I've added a link to the post and you can also CLICK HERE to see the rules without signing into the old forums =)

    If you have any more problems or questions feel free to post them here or to PM me or EquinoxChick =D

    ~Madam Russia xxxxx
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    For the "Recover What We Took" Weekly, would it be acceptable for the main character to ask someone else to search for their prized possession, for the reason that they are not physically capable of doing so themselves?


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    Sorry I get confused again. Can I find a beta for the normal weekly drabble challenge?
    And for the "Recover What We Took" challenge, can the lost "thing" be non-physical?
    Thanks a million.

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    Russia Snow
    mzap: Yes, someone else can look for the item

    Potassium: Yes, we always suggest that you use a beta for TTB challenges as we take spelling and grammar into account =) And the thing that your character loses must be physical.

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    Regarding the TTB brawl, and the queue closure, when are we going to sign up as sign ups are on august 28th and the queue closes the day before?
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    Russia Snow
    The Queue is part of the main site. Seeing as the brawl doesn't require any fics being submitted to the main site, it won't have any effect at all upon TTB.

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    For the September Monthly, do the characters have to be students? Or could we write from a teacher's perspective?

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    Russia Snow
    Free_Elf: Good question... But I'm going to have to say students only. The characters you choose must be students at Hogwarts at the same time as Harry, Ron and Hermione =)

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    This thread is full. Please keep the questions coming.

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