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Thread: Question Corner #6 - Ask the Barmaids

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    Russia Snow

    Question Corner #6 - Ask the Barmaids

    Hello there, TTB drabblers! Welcome to:

    Question Corner #6 - Ask the Barmaids!

    As usual this is the place to ask questions about drabbles, challenges, round robins, etc.
    Please make sure you ask all your questions here and not in the thread of the challenge, as they will be deleted.

    Quick reminders:

    1. A drabble is by definition 100 words; however, here at the Three Broomsticks, your barmaids mudbloodproud, Russia Snow and Equinox Chick, believe in freedom of expression. Hence, all drabbles must be between 100 - 500 words. No more. No less.

    2. Please keep material at a PG-13 or below rating for your drabbles/entries. There's no pop-up warnings in the forums and they are viewable by anyone. Anything posted here must take that into account. Any violations will result in loss of points, or other consequences.

    3. Lastly, please check over your drabbles for errors before posting and make sure to space the paragraphs properly so it's easy to read. Anything posted in the Three Broomsticks is subject to the MNFF submission guidelines.

    There is a link to the previous question thread HERE if you want to take a look.

    Thanks! You guys are awesome, keep drabbling!

    ~Your Barmaids - Russia, Carole and Terri.
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