Hello! I have a few important questions for my story regarding the Sorting Hat. I've looked in most (but not all) of the archives, and couldn't find the answer (so I really hope it hasn't been answered yet!).

Does the Hat only Sort eleven-year-olds? Would it be able to tell while Sorting if it was on the head of someone not Hogwarts age?

Also, how powerful is the Sorting Hat? Do you think the Sorting Hat is infallible? Supposedly it can see into your head...if you were an accomplished Occlumens/Legilimens, could you control what it saw? I know no eleven-year-old would be that powerful of a wizard, but hypothetically, could it happen?

The Goblet of Fire was tricked into choosing Harry, as if from a fourth school. Could this happen with the Sorting Hat? Could it be tricked into Sorting a person into the wrong House...or no House at all?

I'm forgetting a few, I'll edit/repost with more later if I remember!

xx Ariana xx