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Thread: Ron/Hermione (esp. with humor but of any rating)

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    Ron/Hermione (esp. with humor but of any rating)

    Hello folks!

    I'm something of a novice with the forums, but I thought I would give this a go in the hopes that you could help me! I've recently introduced a friend of mine to the wonderful, wonderful world that is fanfiction, and she's asked for some recommendations. I've given her some of my favourites, but I know she likes fics a little different than my usual route. So I hoped you all could give me some recs to pass on to her! (And I wouldn't mind reading them, either!)

    She ships crazy noncanon ships (something else we disagree on!) but she loves Ron/Hermione. She can't stand cheese, however, and can really only take fluff in small doses. Do you all have any good Ron/Hermione recs that don't have much fluff but are still funny? I know there's lots of good Ron/Hermione angst out there, but surely there's sweeter, funnier fics, too, right? And, regardless of all those specifics I gave, if you have any simply good Ron/Hermione fics to share, please do!

    Thank you!

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    Hi Maggie,

    Since your friend loves crack!fics of Ron/Hermione, I would recommend the stories of Hermiones_Revenge. Here is one fic of hers that was undoubtly one of the most enjoyable reads of all time (exaggerating). Oh the Insanity - The Thoughts of Hermione Granger is another crack!fic of hers, but her style here wasn't quite developed yet, but it was still funny. It's a sequel to The Secret Thoughts of Hermione Granger.

    You said that your friend ships noncanon pairings, and would one of them be Draco/Hermione? Because if it is, you should introduce her to The Unseemly Proposal if you haven't already. It's funny, but not a crack!fic. It's more of a take for Dramione. The plot is slow, but worth it, and it hasn't been updated since 2006. It's not finished, and if your friend can't take a major cliff hanger that has been hanging for four years, then maybe she shouldn't read it.. but it's very good, though.

    Hope that helped even just a little bit.

    Edit: I've recently read BH. It's a Post-Hogwarts one-shot in Ron's POV. It has Ron/Hermione fluff but not too much.

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    Hey, Maggie!

    I think you can lead her to:

    ahattab33's fics: LINK
    WeasleyMom's Scenes from Shell Cottage
    DivineQuill's Hermione's Christmas Gift

    All stories are 1st-2nd yr to 3rd-5th yr (some with Sexual Situations but nothing graphic).

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    Being very, very cheeky here, but I do have a Hermione (with some Ron) oneshot called

    The Bacchus Book .

    I placed it in humour so hopefully she'll find it amusing. There's no fluff or cheese in it.


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    Thank you all so much! I will definitely rec all of these (although as it turns out, she's a huge Ginny/Draco fan *sigh*) and I can't say I'll be able to resist reading them myself

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    I know loads of Draco/Ginny stories, having written quite a lot myself. ^_^ You can PM with her preferences (genre and rating-wise), and I can hook your friend up. ^_~

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