Hello folks!

I'm something of a novice with the forums, but I thought I would give this a go in the hopes that you could help me! I've recently introduced a friend of mine to the wonderful, wonderful world that is fanfiction, and she's asked for some recommendations. I've given her some of my favourites, but I know she likes fics a little different than my usual route. So I hoped you all could give me some recs to pass on to her! (And I wouldn't mind reading them, either!)

She ships crazy noncanon ships (something else we disagree on!) but she loves Ron/Hermione. She can't stand cheese, however, and can really only take fluff in small doses. Do you all have any good Ron/Hermione recs that don't have much fluff but are still funny? I know there's lots of good Ron/Hermione angst out there, but surely there's sweeter, funnier fics, too, right? And, regardless of all those specifics I gave, if you have any simply good Ron/Hermione fics to share, please do!

Thank you!