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    Hello, all. I've got a couple of questions.

    What do you think a Dementor's Kiss would feel like?

    If a Dementor was near you, could you use Occlumency against it, or would it still be able to find all your happy memories? I'm thinking of Voldemort, mostly. He must've had some happy memories, and he made allies with all those Dementors. He couldn't cast a Patronus.


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    I wouldn't automatically assume that Voldemort can't produce a Patronus.

    Snape could - yes, I know he's secretly good, but he also had very few good memories.

    I'm actually thinking more of Umbridge who was thoroughly evil and yet had a cat Patronus that managed to keep the Dementors away at the Muggleborn trial.

    A Patronus is a positive force. Voldemort's lust for life could be the positive force he needs. Actually, as he's split his soul so many times, the Dementors may have very little effect on him. They'd only be able to suck out one seventh of his soul, wouldn't they?

    Occlumency is an interesting idea, mind you.

    I imagine the Dementor's kiss to feel very very cold. Dudley practically gets kissed and that's all he can remember.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Lovemagic
    I'm thinking of Voldemort, mostly. He must've had some happy memories, and he made allies with all those Dementors. He couldn't cast a Patronus.
    Actually, what makes you think Voldemort had only few happy and mostly sad memories? What would be such a memory? He has failed with Harry, but would that really count as a sad memory? I think he is barely capable of emotions in general (apart from anger obviously) by the time he has split his soul - not in seven, but in eight, if I remember correctly.

    But if he does feel anything, I think he would feel very sure of himself. I doubt he has that many negative emotions and memories that the Dementors could actually feed on.

    And I think that is the feat that allows him to ally with the Dementors in the first place. I think it would be kind of exhausting to keep the Occlumency thing up the whole time... the Dementors are affecting great parts of Britain by HBP, so if Voldemort were to experience them like everyone else, he would be under their depressing influence all the time, so would have to keep up a Occlumency shield sort of thing all the time. We see how hard it is for Harry to even keep it up briefly, and I know that Voldemort is more powerful and everything, but a 24/7 Occlumency thing might still be a bit much - especially since he has to focus on other important things, like killing Dumbledore, killing Harry, taking over England, etc. .

    Hagrid says in PS that even before Voldemort tried to kill Harry (ie before he split his soul the seventh time) he was "barely human". After that, Voldemort made two more Horcruxes - Harry (unknowingly) and Nagini (as his supposed seventh soul-split). I can't imagine that he has enough soul and emotions left within himself for the Dementors to even properly recognise him as human, let alone have their usual effect on him.
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