Month August-September 2012
My name Maple
My character Ginny
Buddy's Name: Sophie
Her character Harry

Uh, Ginny?
A letter from Lily just arrived, and, well...
Oh, she didn't get detention again did she? That will be the third time this month.
Um, no, it's not that, although I wouldn't have been surprised.
She has some news.
Good or bad?
She'd say good, I suppose.
I'm not so sure you'll agree.
Did she get an internship in Canada or something? Because really, that's the only thing that I wouldn't be happy about.
Sorry, love, but I think you're about to eat your words.
Lily has a boyfriend.
It's about time! I was worried that she'd never find one!
Don't you want to know who it is?
Oh! She told you who it was?
Yeah, surprisingly enough. Actually, that's the issue here.
Oh, please, how bad could it be?? It's not Zacharias Smith's son, is it?
Who on earth could be worse?
Scorpius Malfoy.
Scorpius Malfoy? But he doesn't even go to Hogwarts anymore. Really, who is it?
I'm serious, Ginny. Our Lily is dating Malfoy.
WHAT?! That is total nonsense! How long has this been going on?
She didn't specify, but I'd guess a few months now. She mentioned a Hogsmeade trip, and the last one was a while ago.
Well, the good news is that it can't have been going on for too long then. That means it's not overlly serious then.
Hmmm, she sounded pretty serious to me. She kept saying that she really wanted us to accept that he's not like his father and that sort of thing. It almost sounded like she wanted to introduce us.
Not like his father? His father was a spineless git, how could he be any different?
Plus, rumour has it he's close to his grandfather, which would mean he probably picked up stuff from good old Lucius too.
I know it doesn't look good, but if Lily likes him this much, surely he can't be that bad.
Not everyone is the same as their parents, after all.

Really? Because everyone I know has kids just like them. Remember, Lucius Malfoy nearly killed me.
How could I forget?
I'm not happy about this either, you know.
I just think that maybe we should give him the benefit of the doubt until we have some proof that he's like his family.
What does she even see in that boy? She wouldn't even get to see him all that often.
We managed, didn't we? When you were in your seventh year, and I was doing Auror training, I mean.
Yes, but we knew each other for years before that!
Um, that was the other thing you should probably know.
Not much. You know the worst of it already. And be careful, or Albus will hear you. I don't think he's up yet.
Just tell me the rest, and I'll try and be quieter. You're right, Albus deserves his sleep. Healer training is fairly draining on him.

It makes Auror training look easy sometimes. No, the other thing is that I think Lily has been friends with Malfoy for a while.
She mentioned meeting him on the Quidditch pitch in her second year, so they must have known each other for longer than they've been dating.
Oh. That is awhile, isn't it.
Yep. And she's kept it a secret all this time because she was worried about how we'd react.
I guess she was right, then, wasn't she?
You know Lily. She usually is.
I suppose you should read the letter yourself so we can write back.
Alright. Thanks, Harry.