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Thread: SPEW Buddy Character Chats

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    Month: January
    Your name: Meg
    Your character: Percy Weasley
    Your buddy's name: Maple
    Your buddy's character: Arthur Weasley

    Percy: Good morning father, I'm off to work.
    Arthur: I'm leaving too, shall we go together?
    Percy: I suppose. I won't be home for dinner today; I'm terribly busy at work.
    Arthur: You spend too much time at work, you should come home for dinner some days, you're beginning to upset your mother
    Percy: What I'm doing at work is far more important than a family dinner.
    Arthur: Nothing the ministry is doing is important right now. All they do is spread lies.
    Percy: They simply disagree with the lies Dumbledore is spreading.
    Arthur: They are giving You-Know-Who the foothole he needs to kill hundreds of innocent people!
    Percy: You-Know-Who has been gone for fourteen years now!
    Arthur: You-Know-Who is back!!
    Percy: No, Harry Potter says he is. It's clear from Potter's actions that he completely disregards the truth at times.
    Arthur: Harry has done nothing but good throughout his life!
    Percy: That may be, but he hasn't always told the truth! Think of all the times he's lied about what he's done at school.
    Arthur: It was always for good! Why would he lie about such a thing like this?
    Percy: He clearly just wants attention. After all, that was why he entered himself in the Triwizard Tournament.
    Arthur: Why would he need extra attention! And it was Barty Crouch Jr who entered him
    Percy: Really, whenever attention around him dies down, he pulls another stunt!
    Arthur: Because it is necessary! He did not ask for any of this to happen!
    Percy: Then why does he always go looking for trouble!
    Arthur: Because trouble always finds him!
    Percy: I am constantly hearing reports from the minister of times where he's gone charging off into trouble when he could have asked a teacher for help instead.
    Arthur: And how was he supposed to drag a teacher with him to see You-Know-Who return? Last time he brought a teacher, the teacher tried to put a memory charm on him!
    Percy: He didn't see You-Know-Who return because You-Know-Who is dead!
    Arthur: Then how do you explain Diggory's death!
    Percy: It was obviously a terrible accident!
    Arthur: You are eating the Ministry's lies! Dumbledore has proven himself more competent than Fudge time and time again!
    Percy: Really, Father, you're just jealous that Fudge hand picked me to be his junior assistant!
    Arthur: I love my job! I could have been elsewhere had I wanted it!
    Percy: Your lack of ambition is legendary.
    Arthur: It is not a lack of ambition, I love where I am.
    Percy: I can never understand why you would choose to be crammed in a tiny, windowless office if you could be anywhere else.
    Arthur: Because somethings aren't about the money
    Percy: It's not just the money; don't you want to do anything important!
    Arthur: I am doing something important by fighting against You-Know-Who! In the end, the ones who will be remembered will be the ones who fought, and the Ministry will be seen as the ones who ran away
    Percy: No, you will be seen as the ones who blindly followed Dumbledore without a care for the actual truth!
    Arthur: It’s time you chose, Percy. Its either your family, or a mistaken ministry.
    Percy: Good bye Father, I'll be happy to return when you admit your folly.

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    Month: January
    Your name: Jess
    Your character: Tracey Davis

    Your buddy's name: Alex
    Your buddy's character: Daphne

    Daphne: Hey, Tracey! Waitó
    Tracey: Oh, hi, Daphne.
    Daphne: You got out of there pretty fast.
    Tracey: Just, er . . . a bit cold in there is all. That and I need to talk to Professor Sprout before class.
    Daphne: We've got an hour before Herbology. And it wasn't that cold at all ó you do look a bit peaky though.
    Tracey: I'm a bit queasy, I guess.
    Daphne: It wasn't ó well, you know what I mean.
    Tracey: No, not that!
    Daphne: Good, becasue if it was ó well, that wouldn't be good. We've got to accept that things are going to be very different now, and hopefully, different, good different.
    Tracey: I know. It's just that...never mind.
    Daphne: No, what? Come on Tracey. We've been friends for how long?
    Tracey: Daphne, you know me. I can't even swat a spider. Can you seriously look me in the eye and say that the idea of torturing someone you've known for years doesn't make you feel a bit sick?
    Daphne: I--what does it matter if it makes me feel slightly sick? Would you rather be the one cowering on the floor, or the one holding the wand? I'd take a slight, and it's only very, very slight, nausea, any day.
    Tracey: Well, given no other choice, I know which I would take, but why does it have to be this way at all? So people like Malfoy can run the Ministry? He can't even hold a prefect spot.
    Daphne: People like us, Tracey. Not Malfoy.
    Tracey: And just who are 'people like us'?
    Daphne: People who are clever, and pureblood, that's who! I can't believe you even have to ask.
    Tracey: But I'm not even a pure-blood! How long before someone decides that being half-blood isn't good enough, either? I'm a witch, and my parents are a witch and wizard, but how long before that isn't magical enough?
    Daphne: You've got to prove your worth to them! If you make yourself invaluable, then they'll judge you magical enough! I know it doesn't make sense, Tracey, but these are the people in charge, and until it's a different set of people, you need to play by their rules.
    Tracey: I don't want to prove anything to anyone! I just want to be left alone, and right now, I'm wishing that included you, as well. I don't want to torture or Imperius or kill anything; I don't even want to know how.
    Daphne: What you want doesn't matter. Not if you want to survive.
    Tracey: But what if what they're saying about Potter is true and that they're working on killing off You-Know-Who? Do you really think things will turn out good for us if the old Ministry comes back and they find out we've been using Unforgivables on classmates? They aren't going to accept that we did it because we were told! They're 'unforgivable' because they cannot and never will be forgivable! I don't want to go to Azkaban, Dementors or not. I just want to get a decent job, marry someone from a good family, and be left alone.
    Daphne: Fine, Tracey. If you want to think like that, then think like that. May it do you much good.
    Tracey: I'm looking out for myself, just like you are. However, unlike you and Parkinson and that lot, I'm thinking of what might happen if You-Know-Who doesn't win. If you think I'm a traitor for that, then fine. But there won't be a single Unforgivable to come out of my wand as long as I'm holding it.
    Daphne: Tracey you can't ó you can't say things like that. You may be okay in the long run, but I'd rather have the shame of being the eventual loser, than the scars and broken bones from being on the one that's losing now. I ó Tracey, I don't think we should ó we can't be friends, if you're going to say things like that.
    Tracey: Then that's how it'll be. Now, if you'll excuse me, I've had enough of the Dark Arts wing for the next decade.
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    Month: January
    Your Name: Lily
    Your Character's Name: Katie Bell

    Your Partner's Name: Soraya
    Your Partner's Character: Leanne

    Dear Katie,

    How has your summer been? I miss you. I want to tell Mum about us, but Iím worried ó not at what she would say, because Iím sure she would be fine with it, but just the way sheíd treat you if she knew we were together. Sheíd probably act weirdly around you, knowing her. Besides, I think itís a good idea for me to stay on the down low as it is, because of all the stuff in the newspapers recently.

    Iím worried, Katie. Mumís still going to work but Iím trying to persuade her to quit her job. I just don't think itís a good idea for her to be in the Ministry where there are all those dodgy people around, and I don't want her to be in danger. So many people have already accosted her at work ó God forbid anything ever happen to her. The Ministry is just going downhill, and pretty soon, Iím sure something will happen that will make the lives of Muggleborns difficult. I wish Mum could see that.

    Did I mention I miss you? I probably have said that already, but I really do. I miss seeing you every day, and talking to you, and... you know what I mean. I know youíre not going to like me saying this, but I miss lessons, too. I still can't believe weíve left Hogwarts ó and that Dumbledoreís dead. Merlin, itís been weeks since he died. I can't get over it, though. I don't know if I ever will.

    I really hope youíre all right, and that your parents are too. I hope I can see you soon. I wonít be able to survive the summer without meeting you at some point!

    Please write back soon.



    Dear Leanne,

    I miss you, too. Iím worried about the things in the newspapers and I donít really know what weíre going to do. Iím a little scared. I hope I can see you soon, maybe even later this month. I donít know about your mum quitting her job thoughówhat if those dodgy people think somethingís up?

    Actually, my mum is just trying to stay low at the Ministry right now, because we both donít want to get into any trouble, especially not with You-Know-Who. Especially after the necklace last year, we both kind of think that You-Know-Who might be watching us, so weíre not doing anything out of bounds.

    I canít believe weíve left Hogwarts either. Itís odd, I never thought Iíd miss it, but I do. Especially Quidditch. Itís a bit of a weird feeling not being on a broomstick. I never thought Iíd say this, but I even miss the exams. But with everything thatís going on, I almost wonder if Hogwarts is going to be the same.

    And I canít believe Dumbledoreís dead either. Heís the type of wizard you would never think was going to die, and here he is. I wish I could see you just so something would be normal again. I donít think I can go very long without being with you at some point.



    Lily xxx
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    Month: February
    Your name: Ellie
    Your character: Albus Potter
    Your buddy's name: Soraya
    Your buddy's character: Harry Potter

    Dear Al,

    First, I just want to tell you that if you receive a toilet seat in your post, let me know immediately so I can go and tell off your Uncle George (unless your mum beats me to it). He seems to think it's some kind of initiation test for everyone in our family, so don't take it personally or anything.

    Anyway, how are you doing? I heard about where you were sorted. I hope you're not upset about it or anything. No Potter or Weasley has ever been sorted into Slytherin, so it's good that you've broken the tradition. Besides, there's always a first time for everything, isn't there?

    I hope you've made some good friends there. Tell me about the boys in your dormitory -- I might recognise some of their names; I might even know their parents. Look, Al, you should know that Slytherins are by no means bad people, despite what James might say. Don't listen to him! And if he gives you any grief, send me an owl and I'll sort him out. The boy gets away with far too much for his own good.

    What are your lessons like? I think you'd find Charms interesting, and Herbology I'm sure is great for you since Neville's your teacher. If you need anything, do ask him. And Hagrid. He'll be asking you round to tea on Friday, so make sure you either bring your own cakes (you can ask the house-elves -- just go to the kitchens) or at least don't try eating Hagrid's unless you want several broken teeth.

    Your mum and I are doing fine. The house is so quiet without you and James. Lily's so bored that she usually goes to Bill's and plays with Louis now. She misses you. So do we.

    Let us know how you are, okay?


    Hey Dad,

    Before I say anything else, I just want you to know that Uncle George hasn't sent me a toilet seat. (yet) He sent one to Rose, though, and she almost had a hippogriff at the Gryffindor table. Speaking of Rose, did you know that she's friends with Scorpius Malfoy? He's a Gryffindor, too, and I think she wants me to meet him, but I don't know. (It's ironic, isn't it? A Malfoy in Gryffindor and a Potter in Slytherin?)

    Anyways, I'm doing fine. The boys in the dormitory are all right now, but at first I think they all think I'm some sort of Potter-Weasley spy. There's David Nott, Mackenzie Farley, (he's a boy), and Zach Corner. Zach wouldn't speak for days; he was really disappointed about being sorted here. Zach already exploded a cauldron, and it was only the first day we brewed!

    Slytherin's not as bad as I thought it would be. The hat told me I could fit into either Gryffindor or Slytherin, but that it was my choice. He said there as a courageous choice, and a cowardly choice. I chose Slytherin, and the hat told me I had chosen right. How wicked is that?

    But the one thing I'm worried about is James. After the feast he dragged me away and started ranting about "family honor" and stuff. I think he's calmed down, but he hasn't spoken to me. I thought it'd be nice having a mute James, but I guess not. Could you write him? I don't want to fight the entire time I'm at Hogwarts.

    I have to go; I have Defense now. Tell Lily I'll send her something from Hogwarts soon, and Mum that I miss her.

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    Month: February, 2012
    Your name: Alex/Ithinkrabis2people
    Your character: George Weasley

    Your buddy's name: Alex/Deathlex/welshdevondragon
    Your buddy's character: Fred Weasley

    FRED: So our next Potterwatch broadcast will be on the sixteenth, agreed?
    GEORGE: Can't see why not. Mind you, we could do them daily, amount of stuff there is to report on.
    FRED: Hmm, perhaps. Though we wouldn't be able to get guests on everyday. Our poor audience will be forced to cope with just us!
    GEORGE: No, I suppose. Ha, no one should get daily doses of us - not for free anyway!
    GEORGE: There isn't anything about Ron in this week's reports is there? Or Harry, or Hermione?

    FRED: No. No-one's heard anything. That's good news, George.
    GEORGE: Oh, I know. No news is good news... Ron'll be fine.
    FRED: Course he will be!! He's got the cleverest witch of the century and The Chosen One with him. And, from what Remus was saying the other day, they're not just on the run. They're up to something.
    GEORGE: Haha, yeah, I'm sure Hermione will save him from any spiders they meet...
    GEORGE: They always are up to something; learnt from the best after all, didn't they?

    FRED: They most certainly did. We should probably say something about that in the broadcast, shouldn't we?
    GEORGE: Absolutely, we should remind everyone this is normal behaviour for them, just in case any members of the public are concerned.
    FRED: Of course the concern of the public is of the utmost importance. And making fun of the Death Eaters as well, even if Mum thinks it'll be the death of us.
    GEORGE: Please, I'd rather take on Bellatrix Lestrange than Mum any day. Particularly if I'd forgotten to de-Gnome the garden that morning...
    FRED: Yeah, she wants us to do that for her tomorrow....
    GEORGE: We're the best sons a mother could ask for.
    FRED: Well, one's on the run, one married a French floozy, one's a Ministry lackey, and one chases after dragons.
    FRED: Not much competition.

    GEORGE: True, but even in the grander scheme of things, I still think we're as good as it gets.
    GEORGE: It is a shame Ron and Fleur have moved out though: Ron was priceless when she was around.

    FRED: I wonder whether he'll finally twig about Hermione. Maybe we should drop a few hints on the broadcast--if they're listening.
    GEORGE: Worth a shot. Failing that, I say we slip him a love potion when this is over, just to speed things along. Ickle Ronniekins was never the fastest broom in the shed, but this is getting ridiculous.
    FRED: So a bit of light hinting to those two to finally hook up--Can Lee make the next broadcast?
    GEORGE: Are you sure "light" will do it? Yeah, I think so.
    FRED: And he might be bringing Angelina as well. We need to think of a code name for her....
    GEORGE: Ah, yes...
    FRED: How about Ruby? When she's in a temper I sometimes think her eyes turn red....
    GEORGE: Or "riptide" - I'm sure she tried to drown me in the lake after that time I hit her with a Bludger...
    FRED: Riptide is good. Not sure which one she'll prefer--and we'll make Lee put them to her. I value my face. Though in your case it wouldn't make that much difference...
    GEORGE: No, I suppose not: I mean, if we became any more identical, we may as well give up and call ourselves by the same name.
    FRED: I hear people call us the same name anyway. Wouldn't make much difference.
    GEORGE: True. If your own mother can't get your names right, then what hope do you really have in life, eh Fred?
    FRED: None at all, George. This isn't getting anywhere, is it? Shall we call it a night, and finish this tomorrow?
    GEORGE: No, I can't keep my eyes open as it is. Mum's expecting us for breakfast before the de-Gnoming, too.
    FRED: For a few all too brief minutes, I'd forgotten that.
    GEORGE: Ignorance is bliss.
    GEORGE: Best call it a night, methinks.

    FRED: As do I. Good night.
    GEORGE: Night, Fred.
    FRED: Night, George.
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    Month: February
    Your name: Lily/Padfoot11333
    Your character: Marge Dursley

    Your buddy's name: Meg/MissMeg
    Your buddy's character: Aunt Petunia

    Dear Marge,
    How have you been? Vernon and I were terribly disappointed that you weren’t able to come for Christmas, but we received the presents and card that you sent us. Thank you for the flowers, by the way; they look wonderful on our living room table in the vase you sent us last year. Dudley loved the video games you sent him for Christmas. He was on his computer playing them for the entire week!

    Vernon got a big contract signed at work last week, and as a result, we’re planning to spend the Easter holiday in Aruba! My friend Susan and her husband were there last summer, and they said it was so relaxing. That should be good for Dudley, who’s working so hard at school and is doing so well. I’m very disappointed that his teachers won’t recognize it. Vernon and I just received Dudley’s marks from the last school term, and we’re appalled that Dudley’s teachers continue not to understand him. All of his teachers commented that he was doing terribly, which I just can’t understand. He’s has so much potential, but his obviously aren’t putting in the effort to understand poor Dudley.

    Dudley’s teachers also said that he’s been bullying the other students, which I know can’t be true. The other students must be picking on him, and since the teachers won’t take notice, he has to stand up for himself. Dudley also feels that the food at Smeltings isn’t enough for a growing boy. I’m really finding myself very disappointed with that school. Vernon always spoke so highly of Smeltings! But, I suppose standards have declined.

    Vernon and I were wondering if you’d like to visit for the first week of August. Dudley will be home from school, and I know he always loves to see his Aunt.
    Both Vernon and I hope you’ll be able to come,
    Dear Petunia,

    I’m quite disappointed that I missed Christmas as well; Ripper loves your house, but the dogs just couldn’t bear to be away from me for so long. You’re welcome for the flowers, and the video games. I thought that Dudley might like them.

    Aruba is lovely, really. All the dogs—and Colonel Fubster!—adored visiting when I went a couple months ago. The drinks are divine; make sure to get at least a couple. I’m so glad Dudley is doing well in school, or at least that he has so much potential. If he isn’t doing well, make sure to have a conference with the teachers so they can make sure that they’re understanding Dudley as well as they possibly can. I’ve been taking Ripper to obedience school lately, but none of the teachers seem to understand that being rambunctious and on occasion, violent, can be a wonderful trait in a breeding dog. It seems like we’re going through the same troubles.

    And Dudley, a bully? No, I just can’t see it, Petunia. He’s such a well behaved boy—I can’t see him hurting a fly, let alone other boys. That reminds me of Coco, my newest female dog—she’s been coming in with scratches all over her, and all the signs point that Ripper has actually been violent towards her, but Ripper would never hurt one of my dogs.

    If there’s not enough food at Smeltings, please go ahead and complain. Believe me, it makes a big difference. But it’s hard to believe that the standards at Smeltings have declined; it always seemed like they were doing such a wonderful job in Vernon’s time. Perhaps times change?

    Thank you very much for the invitation. I’ll have to check my calendar (when two dogs are in heat, it’s hard to coax them out of it, even for a vacation!) but I do know how much Dudley likes seeing me and I haven’t seen you or Vernon in a long while.



    Lily xxx
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    Month: February 2012
    Your name:Maple
    Your character: Lily Luna Potter
    Your buddy's name: Hannah
    Your buddy's character: Albus Potter

    Dear Lily-Lou,

    I think I could get used to this travelling lark. It's been nice not to have people staring, going, 'Isn't that Harry Potter's son? The one who got into all that trouble?' No one knows who Dad is out here, let alone me. Don't tell him I said that though. You know what he gets like about feeling guilty about the way it affects us lot, and how he thinks it's his fault when I screw up. In fact, probably just best not to mention I've written. I'm guessing Mum's probably still mad about the way I left.

    Anyway, we're briefly back in civilisation now, which feels sort of odd after two weeks up-river. It was nice to have a proper shower at least though. I must have really stunk! Scorpius somehow still managed to look as if he were just off to a dinner party though, even in the middle of a jungle. Not, I'm sure, that you'll find that much off a surprise.

    We saw the most amazing waterfall a couple of days back that just vanished into the clouds. I couldn't even see the top, and I swear I saw some sort of big cat slinking along the edge of the tree-line too. Scorpius keeps saying I just imagined it though. I think he just doesn't want to think of the mess that running away from it would make of his hair! I don't know why I ever thought going travelling with a man who considers South London to be the wilds of civilisation was a good plan. Roughing it isn't his style. Although, to give him his due, he's a * surprisingly good navigator and he has got us out of a tight spot or two.

    When we got back to the hotel, I found a letter from James (was it you who gave him the address? Make sure he doesn't give it to Mum, won't you, because I have a nasty feeling she'd turn up and try and drag me home like I'm some sort of kid still). He says you've got a new boyfriend, and he doesn't like the boy much. Look after yourself, kid. I know you won't listen to me, but bad boys aren't worth the effort. I know. I used to be one after all. Don't make me go all big brother on you - I'm not very good at it. And you are going to want to throw something at me for this: but don't let this boy get in the way of your NEWTs. You are smart, kid, and don't going throwing that away on some boy.

    Anyway, I'd better go dress for dinner (Scorpius insists on jackets and ties!), but take care and I'll try and write again soon.


    Dear Al,

    I’m very glad to hear that you are enjoying your trip. Sometimes I wish that I could just hide away from all the eyes and whispers. It wouldn’t matter what I said to Dad, he blames himself for you leaving. Mum’s not so much mad as she is sad. I think that she wishes you’d just come back. She hasn’t touched your room yet. I think she just wants the family back to normal again.

    I think that you should tell me all about your jungle adventures. I would love to do something fun and exciting, but I don’t think Mum and Dad will let me out of their sight for awhile, after this whole fiasco. I don’t blame you, I understand why you did what you did, but I think that I wish you’d just come back. But really, the waterfall sounds lovely, and I wish I could have seen it.

    I will still never understand why you chose Scorpius, of all people. He is perhaps the least adventurous guy I know. And suits really don’t do you any justice. You were always more of jeans kind of guy.

    Yes, I did give James your address, but he wanted to write, and you needed an older brother again! And he promised to keep it a secret. And he would tell you about Ulysses. He really isn’t that bad! I mean, yeah, his dad is Blaise Zabini, but, I mean, you’re with Scorpius Malfoy. He really, I don’t know, he’s really not all that bad, and no matter what James says, he is not too old for me. And no worries on the NEWT front, he isn’t even at Hogwarts anymore, so I’ll only see him on Hogsmeade weekends.

    Please come back soon. I understand why you left, but I miss you, Mum misses you, and everyone misses you.

    Oh no, I can hear Mum coming up the stairs. Keep writing, I love hearing about your adventures!

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    Month: April 2012
    Your name: Lily
    Your character: Bellatrix Lestrange

    Your buddy's name: Maple
    Your buddy's character: Voldemort

    Bellatrix: Hello, my lord.
    Voldemort: Bellatrix.
    Bellatrix: Where are the prisoners?
    Voldemort: In the basement cell. They will be quite informative, I'm sure.
    Bellatrix: I'm sure they will be. Have you succeeded with Ollivander?
    Voldemort: No. He is still keeping quiet as to why Lucius' wand responded the way it did.
    Bellatrix: He must know, have you tried all the possible curses? I can give it a try if you like.
    Voldemort: Of course I have tried everything! You will get no further than I did, but try if you want.
    Bellatrix: I did not mean to offend, My Lord. Of course you are more powerful than I.
    Voldemort: Have you got anything from the girl? She may know something as to what Potter is up to.
    Bellatrix: Lovegood? I have tried. She seems absolutely mad--Draco was right when he said she was...what was it, loony? But your wish is my command, my Lord.
    Voldemort: Good. And while you're at it, see what our minister has been up to. He's been a little quiet lately.
    Bellatrix: Do you have any requests for what our....minister...should be doing? I've heard talk of an Anti Mudblood campaign.
    Voldemort: Yes, it's always good to remind our children the importance of pure blood, but I was thinking that he should be putting more emphasis on the gathering of Mudbloods. We have not had any lately.
    Bellatrix: I agree. Some of them have run away, like that Mudblood Granger. We must not have had proper protection against them. When we catch Granger, my Lord, may I have her?
    Voldemort: The Mudblood is travelling with Potter, we know that already, Bellatrix. We will have no more luck in catching her than we would in catching him. But if you insist, you may dispose of her when the time comes
    Bellatrix: Thank you, my Lord. As for Potter, how does the search go? Do we have any idea of his whereabouts?
    Voldemort: Of course we don't! He will let many people hide him before we find him. His luck has yet to run dry.
    Bellatrix: Of course. I've heard it said, though, that you've stationed guards outside his godfather's home in case he shows up there.
    Voldemort: Yes, but he has yet to show there. Perhaps I should put a more experienced guard there.
    Bellatrix: Or perhaps he is being exceptionally careful. If only there weren't so many disguising charms around the house. Is it true that Severus Snape can get into it?
    Voldemort: Yes, he can. But so can Yaxley. They have searched the house. He will not return
    Bellatrix: Of course, my Lord. I am confident that we will catch him soon enough.
    Voldemort: In the meantime, go and torture our prisoners, won't you? I have more pressing things than to listen to you any longer.
    Bellatrix: I will. I will let you know immediately if Ollivander or the girl gives any information, my Lord.

    Lily xxx
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    Month: August 2012
    Your name: BP
    Your character: Lavender Brown

    Your buddy's name: Soraya
    Your buddy's character: Parvati Patil

    Dear Lavender,

    Howís your summer been so far? Weíve just come back from India ó it was so hot there, you wouldnít believe it. Dad wanted us to stay there longer, and it was only after Mum talked him out of it that we managed to get back. What with You-Know-Who being back and everything, I guess Dad was worried for us. Heís already said, actually, that he doesnít want us to go back to Hogwarts.

    I donít want that to happen, Lavender. I mean, we were in the DA! Iím sure we know how to look after ourselves! But my dad didnít see it that way. Mum hasnít said anything yet, though I know sheíll go hysterical once she sees the Ministry leaflets. Some things in there seem far too paranoid to me, but I suppose Dad will be happy.

    Anyway, how have you been? Did you go anywhere on holiday? Iím sorry I didnít reply to your last owl; it just costs so much more to send something from India, so thatís why. (Iíve enclosed a picture, by the way ó itís me, Padma, Mum and Dad with a couple of my cousins. And I got you something, too, but Iíll wait till we get back to school before I give it to you.)

    I hope youíre well. Say hi to your mum from me. Assuming weíre still going to Hogwarts, how about we meet you in Diagon Alley on 17th August? We need to get all our supplies, so let me know if you can come on that day, okay?

    Write back soon,


    Dear Parvati,

    I bet Indiaís nice. You look like you really enjoyed yourself, from the picture, anyway. You donít know how lucky you are. Iíve just been cooped up in the house all summer. Mum and dad are so paranoid that they donít think itís safe to step outside anymore. We went to visit mumís sister in Cornwall for a few days, but we didnít leave the house there either. Itís been so dark and cold here. And rainy. I donít know whether itís just the normal British weather or because of You-Know-Who. Mumís a bit annoyed that itís killed all her plants, although how she has the time to worry about that, I have no idea.

    I feel sorry for you. I really hope you are going back to Hogwarts. How would I cope without you? My parents were really iffy about it at the beginning of the holiday too. Mum said we could go to France and transfer to Beauxbatons and there would still be people and I could continue my education. She said that it would be safest to get out of the country (seems like your dad had the same idea) until the whole thing blew over. Dad just went along with her. I eventually convinced them that Hogwarts would be safer, with all the teachers and Dumbledore. You know, safety in numbers, You-Know-Whoís afraid of Dumbledore, and once You-Know-Whoís won here, heíll go to the rest of Europe next, stuff like that. I got my grandparents to help me convince mum with stories about Grindelwald. Dumbledore defeated him too, of course, so that helped. Well, in the end they agreed, but only on the condition that I keep out of trouble. Like thatís going to happen. If DAís still going, Iím going to go back and join. And itís not just because I like Ron. I actually did want to learn to Defence. Perhaps we wonít need DA now that Umbridgeís gone. I wonder whoíll be teaching DADA this year. Whoever it is, they canít possibly be worse than Umbridge.

    I said hi to mum for you and asked about Diagon Alley. She says thatís great. I think my safety in numbers talk really got to her. I look forward to it Ė itíll be the first time Iíve been out of the house in over a month.

    See you soon,


    PS. Your owl is really beautiful.
    [@Bannermaking] [@Poetry] [@Writing] [@Drabbling] [@Duelling]

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    Month: August- September
    Your name: Meg
    Your character: James Potter jr.
    Your buddy's name: Nadia
    Your buddy's character: Albus Potter

    Hi Albus,

    Mum and Dad have been bugging me about writing to you, so be sure to mention to them that I've written to you.

    School's okay. Professor Longbottom is cool, but Herbology is kind of boring. They won't let us near any interesting plants for at least a year. Fred and I tried to sneak into Greenhouse three last week. We were going to take clipping from a Venomous Tentacula and put in the Slytherins' food, since according to Professor Longobottom, eating Venomous Tentacula will turn you skin purple. Unfortunately, we got caught and we both have detention for a week. Don't tell Mum and Dad, since they'll give me the 'all Slytherin's are not slimy gits' lecture again.

    History of Magic is really boring. I can't believe that Molly decided to continue it after her OWLs. The good thing is that Professor Binns doesn't pay any attention to what we're doing, so Fred and I have been playing Exploding Snap in the back of the room. Aunt Hermione has already sent me a letter emphasizing the importance of paying attention and working hard even in boring classes. However, I don't think Dad can really say anything to me about failing History of Magic since he got a D on his History of Magic OWL.

    Transfiguration is my favorite class. I've learned how to turn rats different colors. As I'm sure you've noticed, I've turned my owl red and orange. Lucy told me he looked stupid that way, but I think he's much cooler like this. It's really too bad that the color changing spells that we've learned don't work on people, or Fred and I wouldn't have needed the Venomous Tentacula to turn the Slytherins purple.

    Remember to tell Mum and Dad that I wrote to you,
    Dear James,

    It sounds like youíre having a lot of fun already, but I do think that getting detention so early in the school term is a bit too much. Mum would go berserk if she heard that Ė but donít worry, Iím not going to tell her. Do try not to get into trouble anymore, though. I think sheís still mad about the letter Professor Flitwick sent about you on the first day of school.

    The house is rather boring without you. Lily keeps on nagging me to play with her dolls all day, but I donít really like dolls. I keep on telling her to go play with Kreacher, but she wonít listen to me. Kreacher misses you too, I think, even though he doesnít show it. Lily says ďhiĒ by the way. Oh, and Dad seems really busy all of a sudden; heís hardly ever home. I donít know what itís about, because he keeps on telling Mum itís something ďUnspeakableĒ. Sounds like a top secret mission to me. I hope he can solve it quickly, though. Without you and Dad around I hardly have anything to do.

    I canít wait to go to Hogwarts. Are you sure Herbology is boring? Uncle Neville always tells us itís really cool. And Iíd love to learn all those spells in transfiguration. The colour-changing one sounds quite amazing. I think I have to agree with Lucy about the owl, though - it looks rather silly.

    Did you have your first flying lesson yet? Tell me when you have it; I want to know how it goes. Knowing you, though, Iím sure youíd be the best in your year.

    Write again soon, Iíd love to hear more about Hogwarts.


    P.S.: Donít worry, Iíll tell Mum and Dad about your letter.

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