Month: January
Your name: Meg
Your character: Percy Weasley
Your buddy's name: Maple
Your buddy's character: Arthur Weasley

Percy: Good morning father, I'm off to work.
Arthur: I'm leaving too, shall we go together?
Percy: I suppose. I won't be home for dinner today; I'm terribly busy at work.
Arthur: You spend too much time at work, you should come home for dinner some days, you're beginning to upset your mother
Percy: What I'm doing at work is far more important than a family dinner.
Arthur: Nothing the ministry is doing is important right now. All they do is spread lies.
Percy: They simply disagree with the lies Dumbledore is spreading.
Arthur: They are giving You-Know-Who the foothole he needs to kill hundreds of innocent people!
Percy: You-Know-Who has been gone for fourteen years now!
Arthur: You-Know-Who is back!!
Percy: No, Harry Potter says he is. It's clear from Potter's actions that he completely disregards the truth at times.
Arthur: Harry has done nothing but good throughout his life!
Percy: That may be, but he hasn't always told the truth! Think of all the times he's lied about what he's done at school.
Arthur: It was always for good! Why would he lie about such a thing like this?
Percy: He clearly just wants attention. After all, that was why he entered himself in the Triwizard Tournament.
Arthur: Why would he need extra attention! And it was Barty Crouch Jr who entered him
Percy: Really, whenever attention around him dies down, he pulls another stunt!
Arthur: Because it is necessary! He did not ask for any of this to happen!
Percy: Then why does he always go looking for trouble!
Arthur: Because trouble always finds him!
Percy: I am constantly hearing reports from the minister of times where he's gone charging off into trouble when he could have asked a teacher for help instead.
Arthur: And how was he supposed to drag a teacher with him to see You-Know-Who return? Last time he brought a teacher, the teacher tried to put a memory charm on him!
Percy: He didn't see You-Know-Who return because You-Know-Who is dead!
Arthur: Then how do you explain Diggory's death!
Percy: It was obviously a terrible accident!
Arthur: You are eating the Ministry's lies! Dumbledore has proven himself more competent than Fudge time and time again!
Percy: Really, Father, you're just jealous that Fudge hand picked me to be his junior assistant!
Arthur: I love my job! I could have been elsewhere had I wanted it!
Percy: Your lack of ambition is legendary.
Arthur: It is not a lack of ambition, I love where I am.
Percy: I can never understand why you would choose to be crammed in a tiny, windowless office if you could be anywhere else.
Arthur: Because somethings aren't about the money
Percy: It's not just the money; don't you want to do anything important!
Arthur: I am doing something important by fighting against You-Know-Who! In the end, the ones who will be remembered will be the ones who fought, and the Ministry will be seen as the ones who ran away
Percy: No, you will be seen as the ones who blindly followed Dumbledore without a care for the actual truth!
Arthur: It’s time you chose, Percy. Its either your family, or a mistaken ministry.
Percy: Good bye Father, I'll be happy to return when you admit your folly.