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Thread: SPEW Buddy Character Chats

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    Month: November
    Your name: Jess
    Your character: Albus Potter

    Your buddy's name: Jen
    Your buddy's character: Scorpius Malfoy

    Dear Scorpius,

    I heard that you were made Head Boy. That's great! I can't think of anyone who deserves it more than you. Rose told me that Nichola Bussey is Head Girl. Good luck with that one. I know you don't like her much, and I'm pretty certain the feeling is mutual.

    So you and Rose are okay? I haven't really heard from you much over the summer, and Rose has been spending a lot of time with Nana Granger, since she's not been well. You probably already knew that, but in case you didn't, now you do.

    Anyway, write me back. See you on the First.

    Dear Albus,

    Thanks! Mother and Father are far more excited about it than I am--I can't really get too worked up over spending the year working alongside Bussey.

    Rose and I are fine. I haven't seen her in a while, and her letters are fairly irregular, but from what I gather she's enjoying her holidays, apart from the illness.

    How are you, though? It's been strange not having you visit like you do every other summer. Did I upset you somehow? You know you can always talk to me, Al. We're best friends.

    See you soon.

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    Month: March
    Your name: Mere
    Your character: Regulus Black
    Your buddy's name: Paige/Kerichi
    Your buddy's character: Sirius Black

    Dear Regulus,

    I outran three Hufflepuffs and a Ravenclaw to be the first to owl home. It’s done. I’ve been Sorted. Get Kreacher to slip some Calming Draught into Mother’s tea and then break the news that my House colours are scarlet and gold. I’m a Gryffindor!

    Your favourite brother,
    Dear Sirius,

    You're my ONLY brother. Mum's angry. She burned breakfast and yelled when I asked for something else. Kreacher ended up making me eggs and sausage. Dad just glared and kept reading the paper. I think you might be getting a Howler soon.

    There's nothing to do without you, Sirius. I'm bored.

    Your little brother,
    Dear little brother,

    Got Mother's Howler. It was more of a Hisser. Sssiriusss! You have ssshamed our noble houssse. Our ancessstorsss are rolling in their gravesss! I snorted milk out my nose when one of my mates asked if she was a Parseltongue.

    Bored? Told you you'd miss me. Next year you'll be at Hogwarts and never be bored again.

    Your magic wielding brother,
    Dear Sirius,

    Was your mate James Potter? Mum and Dad are happy you're at least friends with another Pureblood, even if the Potters are blood-traitors. They're hoping you'll help "straighten him out."

    What's Hogwarts like? Is it true about the ghosts?

    Your brother,
    Dear Regulus,

    It's true about the ghosts. They're loads of fun. Peeves the poltergeist is always up to mischief, and Nearly Headless Nick's taken a shine to me, too, inviting me to his deathday party. I'd tell you more about Hogwarts, but some things you have to see to believe. Anyway, if I tell you too much it'll make the wait at home even more miserable.

    Tell the parents I'd sooner try to straighten Uncle Alphard's beard than change my friend. I don't share their pure-blood mania and hope it doesn't infect you, either.

    On second thought, don't tell them. You don't need any more burnt breakfasts.

    Your considerate brother,
    Dear Sirius,

    A deathday party? Cool!

    I don't know what to think. I've never met any Mudbloods or Muggles. They do seem a bit stupid for not being able to do magic, though, don't they?

    Your brother,

    When you take Muggle Studies you will learn how stupid you were for thinking that way about people who don't do magic. Muggles invent amazing things, like motorbikes. One day, when I get one, I'll enchant it and fly down roads and across the sky. If you smarten up I'll take you with me.

    Dear Sirius,

    I don't think Mum and Dad would be very happy if I took Muggle Studies. It sounds boring, anyway. I'd rather study something magical, like dragons.

    I'm not sure what a motorbike is, but anything that flies has to be cool.


    --Mere & Paige

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    Month: March
    Your name: Jess
    Your character: Harry Potter
    Your buddy's name: Hannah!Bob
    Your buddy's character: Teddy Lupin

    Dear Teddy,

    I know you're probably too excited after your first night with your classmates, but I can't help it. I miss you already.

    So, which House are you in? I'll bet you're already the life of the party, especially with your hair trick, that one where you make your hair long and blue and then turn it short and green. It's pretty cool, and I reckon the other kids will think so.

    I'm sorry I couldn't make it to the platform yesterday. I know I already knew I wasn't going to be there, but I just want to make sure you know that it literally took the Minister of Magic to pull me away.

    Anyway, I love you, and I can't wait to see you over the Christmas holidays. I promise I'll be there, even if I have to sneak out of my own office. Take care, have fun, and whatever you do, open anything that George sends you with caution!

    Hey Harry!

    This is just a quick reply because I'm late for breakfast but your owl seemed keen to stick around for a bit so I thought I should at least try and write something.

    I'm in Gryffindor! Just like you and Dad! I sent a letter to Gran last night and I hope she'll be happy - I don't think she expected me to be in her house, anyway! I'm not sure what I think of the others in my year yet because we've only just met, but I showed off my hair last night and they seemed to think it was pretty cool (though Gran said I shouldn't show off too much because people might get annoyed)

    We have Transfiguration first this morning - I can't wait to get to do actual magic. It's so strange actually being here properly, after all the years of just visiting.

    Don't worry about yesterday - Nana Weasley came with Gran to see me off instead - I can't wait until all the other Weasleys start Hogwarts and so it won't just be me, but I've got to wait two years before Victoire can come. I wish I wasn't older than them all.

    Can't wait to see you at Christmas, but make sure you write lots to let me know of any exciting things that happen at home - I don't want to miss out!

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    Month: March
    Your name: Soraya
    Your character: Ginny Weasley
    Your buddy's name: Hannah
    Your buddy's character: Charlie Weasley


    Don't worry about Percy - I got pretty much the same lecture from him when I was choosing my OWL subjects. It didn't seem to occur to him that, given he hadn't even started at Hogwarts, he didn't actually have a clue what he was talking about (although I think he might have got the idea after I got him in a headlock to shut him up). Not that I'm suggesting you get him in a headlock of course, just in case Mum sees this (although between the pair of you, the smart money would be on you in a fight, Squirt, I have to admit).

    Don't worry too much though when everyone says that choosing your OWLs is a big serious thing. You have to do all the really important ones anyway, and which other ones you pick doesn't matter too much

    I mean, I knew I wanted to do Care of Magical Creatures obviously, but I only really picked Runes because Bill said there wasn't much homework and that gave me more time for Quidditch. Don't tell him I told you this but Bill picked his subjects based on which the prettiest girls were doing, and I think Ron just chose whatever Harry was doing.

    So just do what you think you'll enjoy or be good at (although you may stop being my favourite sister if you don't do Care of Magical Creatures!).


    Percy is such an idiot! Still, I reckon he lectured me more than he did to you — at least he knows what he’s talking about this time. Well, not really. This is Percy we’re talking about here. A headlock is a great way to shut him up, I have to say, but I think I’ll just Bat-Bogey him next time he tries persuading me to do Arithmancy — if there's a next time. I hope not.

    I don't care about OWLs either. I want to play for the Harpies, so it doesn’t really bother me. It’s just that whenever I mention this to Mum, she goes on and on about how bad a job professional Quidditch would be for me. Pff. As if she knows. Still, it’s a shame I can’t give up Potions. Snape is currently driving me up the wall during his lessons.

    Ancient Runes doesn’t have much homework? Seriously? Hermione’s always laden with books. Then again, Hermione probably asks for extra work. If you could fit in more time for Quidditch with Runes, I'm definitely picking it. But I might go for Muggle Studies as well. There's got to be a reason why Dad loves Muggles so much. I just have to find it out.

    As for Care of Magical Creatures…eh. No thanks. Hagrid teaches it and my friend, Michael, in fifth year, complains about it enough as it is. I like Hagrid and all, but not as a teacher. And since when did I care about being your favourite sister? I always will be.

    Love from your absolutely scintillating, fabulous and talented sister,


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    Simply Being
    Month: April
    Your name: Danielle
    Your character: Rita Skeeter
    Your buddy's name: Meg
    Your buddy's character: Cornelius Fudge

    Rita Skeeter: Why hello there, Fudgey. Haven't seen your dapper little self around the Hog's Head lately.
    Cornelius Fudge: Uh... Hello Rita
    Rita Skeeter: This is simply dreadful. The war has been over for month and these silly people won't stop celebrating constantly. Meanwhile, readership is lower than ever.
    Cornelius Fudge: I don't know what you mean? Your column in Witch Weekly is doing superbly.
    Rita Skeeter: Yes, darling, but that's hardly the serious reporting that I strive for! If only...
    Cornelius Fudge: I know. If only You-Know-Who hadn't come back! I could still have been Minister of Magic!
    Rita Skeeter: That's what I'm saying, sweetheart. We both need something to get ourselves back on top.
    Cornelius Fudge: What? Everyone in the Wizarding World loves Shacklebolt!
    Rita Skeeter: No, silly, not that kind of game. We have to start small, just a little nugget of juicy gossip that would gain us some prestige back.
    Cornelius Fudge: Wait, Rita, do you see Harry and that Granger girl over there?
    Rita Skeeter: Please, Fudgey, don't remind me. The sight of their precious, glowing little faces makes me sick.
    Cornelius Fudge: No Rita, isn't Harry married to Weasley's sister?
    Rita Skeeter: Well, you know I try to stay away from those happy little affairs known as "weddings". But yes, I do seem to vaguely recall...wait...oh, my dear little Fudgey, this is simply fabulous!
    Cornelius Fudge: But, how will ruining Potter's marriage going to make me minister again?
    Rita Skeeter: Small steps, sweetheart. Everyone knows that Potter's eventually going to make a run for Minister someday. A little damage now could hurt a lot more in the future.
    Cornelius Fudge: I don't know. Everyone said Dumbledore was going to run for Minister some day...
    Rita Skeeter: Listen, Fudgey. This sort of waiting around got you in trouble the last time, remember?
    Cornelius Fudge: I don't quite understand you, Rita?
    Rita Skeeter: It's clear, deary. Maybe if you had simply acknowledged You-Know-Who's return instead of dragging your feet around...
    Cornelius Fudge: It's not my fault! If I had done what Dumbledore wanted, the public would have murdered me!
    Rita Skeeter: The past is past. What we need to focus on now is getting dirt on Potter. Yes, it's all coming to me. Everyone knows that the Granger girl and Potter have been close since first year. Now Potter, not finding himself satisfied by his beautiful but vapid Weasley wife, finds comfort from right around the corner.
    Cornelius Fudge: Haven't they been in a relationship since the Triwizard Tournament?
    Rita Skeeter: Oh, you're good dear! They've hardly tried to hide the romantic tension between them, obviously.
    Cornelius Fudge: Remember how angry the public was at the Granger girl last time?
    Rita Skeeter: Too true, my sweet. Well, I've got to fly Fudgey. People to spy on, gossip to write. We'll chat later.
    Cornelius Fudge: Of course Rita.
    Rita Skeeter: A pleasure, as always.
    Oh yes, we are EVIL. This was so much fun.

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    Month: April
    Your name: Soraya
    Your character: Hermione
    Your buddy's name: Hannah!Bob
    Your buddy's character: Ron

    Hi Hermione,

    I know you said last month in Hogsmeade that you wished I would write more, so Iím giving it a go. The owl is Harryís, by the way. He finally found a new one last week and wanted to give it a test fly. Her name is Magla Ė I suppose he really did need a new one after so long.

    Training is still busy Ė we have a practical exam at the end of the month. If we pass, theyíre going to start letting us go out on assignments, with the qualified Aurors, to get some experience. They really are moving us forward quickly. I think the plan is for the top few to qualify by the end of this year if possible, so they can start building the numbers up again.

    Smith Ė heís the guy in charge that Iíve told you about before Ė was asking about you the other day. He wanted to know your plans. He said thereíd always be a spot for you in the training scheme if you wanted.

    Howís school going? Itís still so strange you being there without us. Are you coming to The Burrow for the holidays? We get a week off from training, though Iíll probably be in the shop for most of it, helping George with the Christmas rush. It should be quiet between Christmas and New Yearís so I can spend time with you then.

    Iíve got to go Ė Mum is calling for dinner, but I promise Iíll write again soon.

    Dear Ron,

    Iím so glad youíve decided to write more. I miss you so much. I can't wait to see you again in Hogsmeade. And itís good that Harry got a new owl. Merlin knows, he could do with a new one ó but I bet sheís not a patch on Hedwig, is she? Mum bought me an owl as an early Christmas present. I suppose she wanted it to be a surprise, only she couldnít wrap her up, obviously. But sheís beautiful, my owl is. Iím stuck on a name for her, though. Can you help?

    School is going well, and I've managed to keep up with all my homework. Ginnyís been a good girl too ó I bet Harry will be glad to hear that. Is he okay? Good luck with your practical exam, by the way, Ron. Tell Harry the same. I know you'll both do brilliantly. You'll definitely be qualifying by the end of the year, though. There's no way they're going to let you go, not when youíve got an Order of Merlin, First Class under your belt.

    Having said that, when you go on assignments, just...look after yourself, okay? I don't want to be coming to The Burrow only to find you sick in bed. No thank you. Ginnyís coming too, obviously ó she talks about Harry all the time (but not quite as much as I talk about you). And itís good that you're working in the shop. George needs all the help he can get at the moment. Has he got together with Verity, or is there someone else?

    I canít wait to see you again. Write soon, and let me know how your exam went!



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    Month: April
    Your name: Alex
    Your character: Molly Weasley Jnr
    Your buddy's name: Mere
    Your buddy's character: Molly Weasley Snr

    Dear Gran,

    We just arrived at the house we're renting. Dad wanted to go somewhere warm but Mum says it's where she went on holiday as a child and so wanted to go back and Dad looked too scared to argue. It's a pretty house. We can see the sea. Mum was in the water straight away, and I was, but Dad and Lucy thought it was too cold and just made sandcastles on the beach. It was a nice beach, Mum kept on going on about how no-one else was there but there were a few Muggle families. The place is called "Rackwick" and Mum says it hasn't changed. There's only one shop, and we've rented a car. Grandpa would love it, I wanted to drive it but Mum said i'm too young. I've driven the car Grandpa keeps in the shed, and I don't see what the difference it. Oh, Mum says to ask you how Grandpa is, muttering something about Dad being too worried to ask. I know Grandpa's all right but they want to know. Adults worry too much. It's sunny today but Dad says it will rain tomorrow, so I'll write then. Love Molly xx (PS Lucy wants to write hello but I've got a new quill and don't want her breaking it so I'm writing hello for her)
    Dear Molly,

    I'm glad you arrived safely and had a nice first day in the sun on the beach. You should be careful about spending too much time in the water, though. You don't want to get sick while you're on holiday--then it's no fun.

    If you talk to the Muggles, remember not to mention magic.

    We've all missed you, dear, and your family on our Saturday night family dinners. Louis is particularly upset that you aren't around.

    Tell your mum and dad not to worry about Grandpa. He's a bit tired these days, that's all.

    Take care and enjoy your holiday. I want to hear all about it!

    Lots of love,

    P.S. Hi, Lucy! I hope you're having fun, dear.
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    Month: May
    Your name: Meg/MissMeg
    Your character: Molly Weasley
    Your buddy's name: Alex/welshdevondragon
    Your buddy's character: Charlie Weasley

    I'm so glad to hear that you're recovered from that bite from the Hungarian Horntail, and am shocked that you're continuing to stay in Romania. As terrible as that injury was, I was hoping that it would make you realize how dangerous it is there. After all, you got seven NEWTs and wouldn't have any trouble finding a nice safe job with the ministry. I was talking to Amos Diggory the other day, who you know works in the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures. He said he could easily find a position for someone with your experience and academic record.
    On a somewhat different note, Ron was just sorted into Gryffindor, so be sure to send him a note with your congratulations.
    Iíd forgotten Iíd told you about the biteĖĖI knew youíd overreact. Really Mum, youíre not a proper dragon-keeper until youíve had at least one bite. Thereíd be no point having just got one and then coming home, is there?

    And yes, itís dangerous but I like that. You tried this with Bill and heís still in Egypt. Iíll come back to work in an office when he does, how about that? And I donít have that much experience yet, Mum, Iíve only been here a few months.

    You should come to visit. Iíll have to work this Christmas, but most people go home so there will be some beds free if you and Dad want to come and the canteen food isĖĖall right. Not as good as yours, obviously, but itís all right and itíll be free since youíre family.

    Itís so beautiful here and I donít want to be anywhere else, especially not in a cramped office. Youíll see when you visit, whether thatís this Christmas or later. Iíll send Ron my congratulationsĖĖhe must be relievedĖĖhe was having nightmares about getting into Slytherin.

    Say hello to Dad and all the others for me,

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    Simply Being
    Month: July
    Your Name: Danielle/Simply Being
    Your Character: Rose Weasley
    Your Buddy's Name: The Spew Queen/ToBeOrNotyadayada....
    Your Buddy's Character: Hugo Weasley

    Dear Hugo,

    It’s amazing to finally write you from Hogwarts! It’s wonderful of course, just like Mum and Dad said. Of course there’s loads of school work as well so don’t think that it’s all fun. In fact, the first night of term I barely slept a wink from finishing all of my assignments! They weren’t due till the next week, but I thought that it was best to get ahead. That way, I had loads of time to polish up the work. The best part of Hogwart’s coursework is the library, of course! From the way Mum described it, I knew that it would be amazing. I used to think that no one could have a bigger book collection than her, but the Hogwarts library is enormous. I can’t wait for you to see it; you can lose yourself reading there for hours.

    I expect that you’re rather bored with all this talk of books though. Maybe I should tell you all about the moving portraits and the Whomping Willow.

    The portraits are fascinating, although I’ll admit that a few have been less than kind when I asked them to relate the historical accuracy of their painting. The Fat Lady (she guards Gryffindor Tower) didn’t like it at all when I asked her how old she was! Of course, I was only asking which century she was painted in, but I’m afraid she didn’t take it very well at all.

    The Whomping Willow should really interest you too, Hugo. I was exploring the grounds with a few other first years (to compare the actual experience with the description in Hogwarts, A History) when we came upon a really fascinating tree. It was actually alive, swinging its branches at us if we came too close! I’d love to learn more about it, do you think Mum or Dad will know anything? Please be a dear and ask them. Anyway, I’m having a wonderful time and I hope you’re doing well!

    Yeah, I'm all right. It's a bit boring without you here, since now that you're not around to distract her, Mum keeps getting these ideas for things to do together. As if it isn't anything but uncool to spend all day with your mum. Even Dad has been spending extra time at the shop to get away from her. I've been trying to get him to let me go with him, but him and Uncle George are already working on new stuff for next summer before Hogwarts starts.

    There's really a tree that hits people? That's wicked. Mum never mentions things like that, just about dusty old books and classroom junk. She thinks I'm actually interested in the statues and the tapestries, when what I really want to know is why the Forbidden Forest is forbidden. Maybe you could find out.

    So, you might know, but does Hagrid really have a dragon? Dad said there was one when he was a first year, but Mum says it's bollocks. From what Uncle Harry says, Hagrid is far too cool to lie about things like that. Otherwise, with that many books and classes and essays and revising, I may go mad before seven years is up.

    Anyway, I'd better go before Mum finds me and gets the idea that I'm bored and want to listen to any more stories. I'd say don't do anything I wouldn't do, but you pretty much do that anyway.

    See ya,


    P.S. - I used that quill of Dad's that you talk to and it does the writing, so you should actually be able to read this letter.
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    Month: July
    Your name: Soraya
    Your character: Lily Potter nee Evans
    Your buddy's name: Meg
    Your buddy's character: Petunia Dursley nee Evans

    Our mother ordered me to tell you that I will be at King's Cross to pick you up at noon. Directly from the train station we have to go to the fitting for my wedding dress. Actually, I had to call the store and reschedule at last minute because you didn't have the courtesy to tell us the time that your train came in until a week ago. After my dress fitting, I will drop you off at home, since my friends, Vernon, and I are dining out. When you meet Vernon, don't mention your school or anything like that. I have told him that you stay with some relatives during the school year, so I would request that you stick to that story.

    I will be waiting outside the station in my car, as I will not be seen around a bunch of weirdos. Please dress normally and send your owl home some other way. I don't want strange looks.

    I will see you exactly at noon on Friday. Please don't inconvenience me further by being late.


    I'm sorry I've inconvenienced you, but it really wasn't my fault. How was I meant to know what time the train arrived? Anyway, there's no point arguing about it now. I will meet you ó I promise I won't be late ó but I don't see why I can't tell Vernon about me being a witch. I mean, he's going to be married to you. Surely he'd find out sooner or later?

    As for my owl... I'm sorry, there's no way Ruby is leaving Hogwarts without me! Don't worry, though; I can send my trunk and Ruby, in her cage, home once I reach the station. And since my friends, other witches and wizards, will be with me at the station, I don't think I'll attract that many stares. I bet they're used to it now.

    What's Vernon like? Is he bookish? What job does he have, if any? From what you've told me, he sounds... interesting. I'm definitely looking forward to meeting him, and I hope he makes a good brother-in-law. And, most importantly, I'm really excited about the dress fitting. Knowing you, Tuney, and your impeccable taste, I'm sure you've picked out something nice for me, and I know we'll have a great time on your wedding day!

    Lots of love,


    P.S. Please, please don't worry about me acting normal. I always do ó Iím still a Muggleborn, at the end of the day arenít I?

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