Character Chats

Every month as part of SPEW Buddies, you will be required to do a character chat with your buddy in addition to reviewing them. These are not difficult, do not take up much time and are a lot of fun. You can do this either through IM or through PM/email. Basically, you and your buddy each take on the persona of a canon HP character and then chat to each other as if you were those characters. Here are two examples:

Sirius: Prongs! Guess what I just heard?
James: Snivellus got his head stuck in a toilet?
Sirius: Not this time. But thereís a cage full of pixies in McGonagallís office, which is almost as good.
James: What on earth are we going to do with a cage full of pixies?
Sirius: Prongs, mate, you donít have to do anything with pixies except release them! They cause the havoc themselves.
James: Thatís boring, though! Weíre the Marauders; we can be a bit more creative than that.
Sirius: What do you suggest?
James: Well, Iím sure an enlargement charm or two wouldnít go astray Ö
Sirius: Brilliant! Where should we set them loose?
James: The Great Hall at lunchtime, I reckon. Itíd cause havoc.
Sirius: Great minds think alike! Do you think itís possible to multiply pixies?
James: We can always try Ö
Sirius: McGonagall is going to murder us this time!
James: You sound so gleeful.
Sirius: Iím only joking, you know the old bat loves us.

Dear Harry,

I miss you. I could write a whole page of just those three words, but thatís sappy so I wonít. The Harpies are great fun so far; theyíve all really taken to me. Training doesnít seem as hard when I can go back to the house with the team and put my feet up with a glass of wine. They keep asking about you, though. Hardly any of them have boyfriends, and I guess itís just fascinating to them that youíre the saviour of the Wizarding world. But I should go, I have training in twenty minutes and Iím still in my pyjamas. Three weeks until Iím home!

Dear Ginny,

I miss you, too. Iím glad youíre enjoying yourself, though. I kind of wish I had taken the same path of you and joined a Quidditch training camp for the summer, Iím getting bored here. The Burrow isnít nearly as interesting without you here. Ron and Hermione keep bickering about everything from bath towels to sleeping arrangements, but I know for a fact that Ron has an engagement ring hidden in his bedside table, because he takes it out and looks at it every night when he thinks Iím asleep. Donít tell Hermione, though. Ron would never forgive me. I canít wait until you get home. Two weeks and four days; Iím counting.

With all my love,
Obviously, one buddy is the green character and one is the purple. (And you only have to do IM or PM/email, not both!) There is no limit on how long the chat must be, but use these examples as a rough minimum.

Please note that this chat must be completed for SPEW Buddies to count as your review replacement. If there are extenuating circumstances and you and your buddy cannot complete it, then please PM me before the end of the month.

Once you have completed the chat, one of you needs to post in this thread with the completed chat. Please use this format for posting:
Your name:
Your character:
Your buddy's name:
Your buddy's character:
Your chats must be posted in this thread before midnight on the last day of the month. If you have any questions, please PM them directly to me.

Good luck, and have fun!