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Thread: Changes to SPEW Rules

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    jenny b

    Changes to SPEW Rules

    I've been giving this a bit of thought recently, and I think it's time to change a few of our rules for SPEW applicants.

    The fifty posts in the Hospital Wing rule seems a bit outdated to me, and I'm considering changing it to either 50 or 75 posts on the boards altogether. Originally, the rule was in place to make sure that the applicants were involved with other sections of the boards, but since there are so many other forums it seems a bit silly to keep it with just posts in the Hospital Wing.

    Also, I think I'd like to raise the 4 review application to 5, just because it will help to show a little more variety - it's difficult to get an idea of a reviewer's style sometimes when two application reviews are for the same fic.

    So those are my two suggestions. I would put it to a poll, but there's two questions (and I'm lazy, tbh). So please post in this thread to tell me what you think of these two proposals. I want it to be a fair decision, so at least the majority of SPEW has to agree.

    And I'm going to make this an open thread about rule changes - if you have any issues with the current rules or have found something that you think should be changed, then bring it up here and we'll discuss it. I won't bite you.

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    I agree with the 50 posts to the Hospital Wing, but I'd also like to make a suggestion: perhaps we can have recommendations for everyone, regardless? Not necessarily even three, or even from members in SPEW, but from people who could attest to both their presence on the boards and their reviews. For example, for me it could have been Rachel from SBBC where I'm also active, someone who I've left a review for, and maybe someone from SPEW who thinks I would be good contributing member to SPEW.

    I also think the upping the requirement to 5 reviews is completely reasonable. Hopefully those joining SPEW have sufficient reviews to chose from, and it's simply a matter of linking to those reviews. And, it's really your call: if you don't feel you are getting enough of a reviewer's style from four, then it makes sense and is reasonable to see if getting another one helps.

    My two cents!


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    I think both rule changes proposed are brilliant. I also agree entirely with Amanda's suggestion. Sometimes, chasing down members of SPEW (especially if you're relatively new and you don't know them well enough to PM a random person. For all you know, that person might not know who you are. I'd think that recommendations from mods and tenured members of the board would be good.
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    Hermoine Jean Granger
    I agree with both changes completely, as well as with Amanda's suggestion. I don't have anything to add right now, but I might once I think it over some more. =)

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    Amortentia x
    I definitely agree with the change in rules about the post count in the Hospital Wing (possibly because I didn't have them? >.>) Not that I had any issue asking three SPEW members to vouch for me, because it's a good idea to be vouched for, but it was just lucky that I knew three SPEW-ers; if I didn't, I would have been very reluctant to PM people I didn't know. I like Amanda's suggestion

    And regarding the five reviews rather than four - that is wholly up to you. If you think it would make a difference, then go for it

    /my two knuts.

    (though seeing as I'm only just joined, it's a bit rich of me to suggest any changes.)


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    I don't entirely agree to the changes. They're good, but I'd like to suggests a few tweeeeaks.

    The 50 posts on the boards seems too lenient. I think the point of having them on the Hospital Wing was to show that they could be helpful and able to critique things, as well as to show being active. But if someone were to have even 200 posts in their tower, I don't see how that makes them active or helpful. I'm not saying to keep it JUST to the Hospital Wing, but I think we should have our limits.

    As for the review requirements being upped to five, maybe instead we could keep it to four but restrict the four in some way. Like have four reviews for four DIFFERENT stories by four DIFFERENT authors, or even four DIFFERENT categories. That way you get a feel for everything. But it's entirely up to you, and if someone wants to be in SPEW then an extra review shouldn't kill them.. after all we have to write three every month!

    I really like Amanda's idea, as long as the people can be accredited, like a MOD or someone active with other groups on the boards.

    That's really I have to say on this matter I suppose my opinion doesn't fully count though as I didn't have to go through any of this when I joined SPEW! Thank goodness for the recruitment


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