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Thread: The Return of SPEW Buddies!

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    I'd very much like a SPEW buddy, considering that I don't really have enough on my plate.


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    OK, I know I am a little late but I'd love a SPEW buddy.

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    Savannah Hen Slytherin
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    Helloooooooo again, SPEW. I may have been absent at the beginning of the month but I am here now to assign your buddies for the month...

    drum roll please...

    Alex ♥ Mere
    Meg ♥ Danielle
    Soraya ♥ Bob
    (that's me in case you didn't know )

    Edit by Jen: was just coming to do this. Sorry Hannah! >.>

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    jenny b
    Sign-ups for May are now open and I will close this thread/assign buddies on the 10th!

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    I'd love a SPEW Buddy.

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    This was fun last month, so I'd like another spew buddy. Just be warned everything will probably get done in the last few days of May. Unless I can't stand Literary Theory for another moment and need a break
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    jenny b
    SPEW Buddies for May:

    Meg ♥ Alex

    Just the two of you! Have fun, girls

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    jenny b
    SPEW Buddies for June is now open, and I'll close the thread and assign buddies on the 7th!

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