Yeah, I'm bringing back SPEW Buddies. That's about it.

If you're new/don't remember how it works, basically you sign up in this thread at the beginning of each month, and after five days or so I will assign you each a buddy.

Sometime over the next few weeks you need to write a SPEW review for your buddy, and they will write one for you. You can use this review for credit in your monthly requirements, and it counts as a review replacement as well. You will also need to catch up with your buddy via AIM or PM/email to do a character chat. A character chat is where you and your buddy take on the roles of two characters and have a conversation or series of letters between those characters, and they're LOTS OF FUN. Plus you get to know your buddy a bit better, which is the whole point of the exercise.

Once I've assigned SPEW Buddies I'll put up another thread for you to post your character chat in, and I'll give a more detailed explanation and examples in there. But for now, sign-ups are open and I will be assigning buddies on the 6th of July. To sign up, simply post in this thread telling me you would like a SPEW Buddy. That's it.