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Thread: Hogwarts' Protective Enchantments

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    Hogwarts' Protective Enchantments

    Quick question.

    How far does Hogwarts' protective enchatments extend? It protects the castle, yes. I would think it protects Hagrid's hut, right? The Black Lake? What about the Forest? Or maybe the outskirts of the Forest, to protect the Thestrals and Hippogryffs, yes?

    So would there be a protective enchantment on the Shrieking Shack? Or some kind of enchantment, for any reason? Could you apparate in and out of there?


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    I think it would, yes protect Hagrid's hut and the black lake. I think it would extend a ways into the forest, because in the sixth book, there are protective enchantments, but Harry and Ginny go into the outskirts at Dumbledore's funeral to kiss. I do not think that it would go far into the forest to protect the animals, because I think they don't need protection. Centaurs would probably be offended if wizards offered to protect them, Hippogriffs are perfectly capable of defending themselves (look at what happened to Malfoy), and thestrals are invisible to most people.(plus, nobody wants to go near them because they're scared of them.) I do not think that Hogwarts' protective enchantments would extend to the Shreiking Shack, but I do think it would have protective enchantments. You probably cannot apparate into it, because Dumbledore would have placed enchantments to keep people from coming into contact with a werewolf. Entry from the outside (not through the tunnel) is probably as close to impossible as it can be; the doors and windows probably have permenent sticking charms keeping them closed. These charms would not be inpenetrable, I don't think, because Voldy was in the Shrieking Shack in the Seventh book, and I can't imagine him crawling through a tunnel for anything.
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    Originally posted by msk8
    I do not think that it would go far into the forest to protect the animals, because I think they don't need protection.
    I agree with you that the animals don't need protection, but I find it hard to believe that Dumbledore would let it be possible for people to apparate into the forbidden forest, so close to the students. And are these enchantments restrictive or walking through as well? Because that would mean that you wouldn't be able to walk into the forest.. And Hagrid does. Harry, Hermione, Ron and Malfoy do in their first year. Of course, the Forbidden Forest is forbidden so, even though you aren't allowed there for fear of danger, it's still possible to go in there. I just think that the enchantments extend to the outer edge of the forbidden forest.. This would allow the Forbidden Forest to be entered from the Hogwarts grounds, and not from the outside. And no apparation either.

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    So do you think that there outside entrance to the Shrieking Shack may have been possible after the Battle? If Voldemort broke through into it? I can't imagine him crawling for anything, either...

    But the Thestrals were able to fly away to the Ministry, and Buckbeak was able to fly away with Sirius. Didn't Death Eaters Apparate into the Forbidden Forest? I've forgotten, haven't got my books on me, either.


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