Kay, I've got some questions. This is kind of relates to the other thread, Torture Curses, but it's more about Voldemort...but I'm just going to lead it into this...

I asked if the Cruciatus Curse is physical or mental; I think it's all in the head--

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I think the victim feels what seems to be physical pain, but is really in his/her head.
As msk8 put it.

Now, Voldemort's a strong Legilimens and Occlumens. Wouldn't he be able to block out the Imperius? See, all of the Unforgivables mess with the mind. Imperius controls, Cruciatus tortures, and Avada Kedavra shuts off all body functions, I think...?

Is that the way it would work? And if so, then wouldn't he be able to resist Imperius? Even from Dumbledore? I don't know if there's anything in the books about his mental strength, just that he can control people and their minds, but not anything that he can do for himself. As far as I can recall, haha.

And the Cruciatus? Would that hurt him a lot?