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Thread: July Activities 2010

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    Hermoine Jean Granger

    July Activities 2010

    More information on The Category Patrolling Project can be found here..

    This month's featured category is "Dark/Angsty." Link to category.

    A request: When you post the summary, could you please post it in italics instead of in quotes? The reason for the request is that when I try to copy/paste your posts to this thread (I basically click on the 'quote' button and take all the content), the summary doesn't show up as it is in quotes. The thing is, I then have to copy/paste individual summaries and match them up with the links and other information, which leaves a lot of space for error/mismatch of summaries. I'd be grateful if you post the summaries in italics instead, which will work easier for me. (And, if necessary, I'll add the quote tags when I repost the stories to the other thread.)

    Post with these details, please:

    PHP Code:
    [B]Name of the Story(with link):[/B
    B]Word Count:[/B]
    B]Warnings(if any):[/B]
    B]Number of chapters(if chaptered. If it is a one-shotthis can be skipped):[/B
    B]Last updated on(applicable only to WIPs):[/B]

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    jenny b

    July Discussion: Reviewing Outside MNFF

    For the discussion this month, I want you to do a SPEW review for something other than a fanfic. It can be for a book, a movie, even a play. The only conditions are that it's something you've read/seen recently, and that your review is SPEW-quality.

    That was an easy discussion to set. Go crazy!

    And if anyone reviews Eclipse I'll kick them out of SPEW. Only kidding. A little bit. >.>

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    Okay, Iíll take two mediums: a movie and a book. I think that we will discuss Summit Entertainmentís ĎLetters to Julietí and ĎThe Time Travelerís Wifeí. I should look up her name, but weíll just call her that Chicago Arts Professor. Oh, Iím not discussing the movie, but the actual novel on that one.

    Letters to Juliet

    Right, so this one is going to come straight from memory, since I havenít actually seen this in a while. I was going to respond to this in the ĎBabbleí, but that didnít work for some reason. The first point that I have there is that this movie was aimed to teenagers, which means that the screenwriters did not have to think much, because thatís an easy audience to please with a gooey, clichť laden romance. Iím often told that Iím rather harsh with movie and television revisions, and that d*** well might be the case, but I think itís a good thing, as it forces me to be a critical thinker who is trying to be media literate. I was going to watch this one because it had the same girl who starred in Chloe. This shows, itís a god thing, that actors donít always hit the mark. Of course, Iíd argue that actors donít really care sometimes when they know itís not a blockbuster. Itís a shame, though, because by the way this one was advertised out the yang in the States, youíd think it was supposed to be.

    Who do I blame? The screenwriters. They pass this mess off knowing that most people donít like to think while theyíre being entertained. Unfortunately for them, Iíve had my hands on a handful of screen adaptations, and I see the print in my mind as they speak. I wanted to cross out almost every line here; it was a spill of clichťs the moment Sophie started interviewing for the New Yorker , a publication sheís obviously too stupid to work for, making me wonder how she got the d*** job in the first place, but I digress. Professional writer, she is not.

    From that, the Italian boyfriend had a vocabulary that was apparently limited to Ďmarvelousí and Ďincredibleí, which makes me feel sorry for the poor, blonde journalist. Iím not that sorry, mind you, because no starter journalist, a journalist, can afford a trip thatís pre-honeymoon. By the way, any idiot that sends a letter to Juliet, or Guiletta, is stupid. She committed suicide, and not the Roman noble death, because nobody was going to kill the fool. She was a naÔve teenager; and, even if I wanted to, I couldnít escape because of the mere stupidity of the idea. And then, of course, she bickers with the grandson, and they bat clichťs back and forth, just like, oh, Ron and Hermione! It makes so sense.

    The only thing thatís good about this? The Italian landscape, so it might have down well as a silent slideshow, like the movies they did in the 1930s. It was rather dismal, just like Rotten Tomatoes warned us. Big surprise.
    The Time Travelerís Wife

    Niffenegger ought to be spared enough for the cause to say that this is her first novel. Iím assuming, but I donít know this for a fact, that the woman has no writing experience as it ties to her degree. Thatís not much of an argument, for anyone can learn to write well, but there needs to be practice in the craft. No author lives off of a single novel. Most unfortunately, Iíd argue that this looks like a piece of pieced together, published sappy fan fiction. Most of you know where I stand on fan fiction; itís simply practice writing, but at least itís not something as dreadfully fluffy as Twilight and that became a series. *cough* I am discussing this one because I am trying to read it again. Yes, I think itís important to give even poor writing a second shot. This does, however, clearly explain why the States stands at a fifth grade literacy level. Thatís right. Choke on that one.

    Iím not even going to bother going over the sappy ĎOh, Henry, Oh, Clareí line. Bite me. I do have to say that the first sex scene drew in, though. When I read a novel, I open the eye candy novels to a random page. And I thought, ĎOh, yeah.í Now, why did I say fan fiction? I wasnít trying to be facetious, no. The switched point of view thing drives me up the wall. And can we stop getting the sappy, stupid, non-existent romance between these two people? It happens over and over again. Whist I understand thatís the format she wanted, I canít help thinking why some of it is important. Henryís naked again and comparing his puberty body parts again ? Lovely.

    As for this professor being of the Humanities, she disgraces herself here and shows that she knows nothing except clichťs, which was rather disappointing. If anything, Henryís cynicism saves the stupid thing. I hated them, as I say, but I fell in love with Gomezís character and his outlook on the world and his Library Boy. He knows whatís up. I was so glad when I found out this morning Clare screwed him along the way. Kendrick is a good character too, because he actually shows the science there and has a very cynical view of the world. On the whole, except when they discussed the genetics factor with Kendrick, it was a rather disappointment. For once, and Iím not complimenting anyone, the film was a better adaptation here.

    Iíve read all of Henryís literature, and I donít know what that says, as Iím undergraduate, Library Boy.

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    jenny b

    July Featured Author

    Our featured author for Juy is Jess/ToBeOrNotToBeAGryffindor!

    Her authorís page can be found here.

    • You must review the featured author for it to count as your monthly activity requirement.
    • Post the link to your review here - you may also post it in the July review thread for credit as a review.
    • Questions in this thread are not part of the monthly requirement, but they are greatly encouraged. Also, they must have something to do with the subject of writing.

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    Amortentia x
    Review for Jess' Unbreakable

    : )


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    Review for The Vindication of James Potter (snips of the first four chapters).

    I might be back with a question later. Hopefully!
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    Review for The March.

    Jess, you are such a prolific author! Where do you get your inspiration for all those plots from?

    Aaannndd, have you got any tips for writing chaptered fics, I wondereth? Since, you know, I'm yet to finish one of them really, LOL.


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    Yay, questions! I'm excited. (Ask more, I command it!)

    Quote Originally Posted by Spire
    Jess, you are such a prolific author! Where do you get your inspiration for all those plots from?
    To be honest, I have more plot bunnies than I could ever write. I have a ton of full-length stories that have stewed in my head since I started writing fan fiction, and I've only scratched the surface of them. The Vindication of James Potter ended up being a culmination of two different ones that I melded together, since the events fell relatively along the same timeline. Also, every challenge, whether from Poetry, Anyone? (which bred The March), The Three Broomsticks, or The Great Hall, has sparked yet more stories that simply beg to be written. I just wish I had enough time in the day to write them.

    Most of my inspiration, however, comes with my inability to let things go. I know it sounds awful, but most of the time, when I wonder about something, I don't stop until I get an answer. Sure, most of the time, it's not what I expect, but I am satisfied with some sort of answer. The beauty of fan fiction is that I can make up my own answers. I could haphazardly wonder about what would happen if, say, Harry was in such-and-such situation, but that would rapidly evolve into a drabble, a one-shot, or even a chaptered story.

    Quote Originally Posted by Spire otra vez
    Aaannndd, have you got any tips for writing chaptered fics, I wondereth? Since, you know, I'm yet to finish one of them really, LOL.
    Seriously, I think about this a lot. For me, it isn't hard. I like to write about details and feelings when I sit down to Word, and chaptered fics are very conducive to that. I get the chance to talk about my characters, their fears, their wants, their desires, their dreams, and it's all okay. Writing one-shots are like snapshots into characters and events, veritable wallet-sized photos or polaroids, but sometimes, you want that giant portrait - that mammoth picture, that masterpiece painting, which shows every shadow, every line, every contour, just everything about the subject.

    I guess what I'm trying to say is that, in order to write a chaptered story, one probably needs to have a deep, deep understanding of not only the major characters and the story one wants to outline, but of the details. Those types of things, at least according to the reviews I've received for my chaptered fics, engross readers and make them want more. Passionate readers make for passionate writers. The hard thing is getting started, I think.
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    jenny b

    July Drabble Challenge

    Write a songfic that features a song by the Beatles.
    Because who doesn't like the Beatles?!


    • Drabble can be between 250-800 words.
    • Content should not be any higher than a 3rd-5th Years rating.
    • All content that would require a warning on the MNFF Archive should be labelled appropriately.
    • This thread is for responses only. If you have a question, PM me.
    • Responses must be posted by July 31st.
    • Please post using this format:
      Word Count:
    • As with all activities within the SPEW forum, this challenge is open only to SPEW members.

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    Russia Snow
    YAY me for being the only entrant!

    Title: All the Lonely People
    Song used: Elenor Rigby-The Beatles
    Ratings: 3rd-4th Years
    Word Count: 315

    All the lonely people, where do they all come from?

    Narcissa stood by the window of Malfoy manor and looked out at the once beautiful garden. She had never felt so alone. She was old now, nearly ninety, and a woman who had outlived her son could surely not live for much longer.

    The once great Malfoy estate was crumbling around her. Lucius had been sent to Azkaban at the end of the war, and he had died there barely four years later. Widowed and with nothing but an empty family home and a disgraced family name, Narcissa had turned to religion. Reverend McKenzie called over to see her nearly every day now; they could both sense her end was coming.

    Narcissa, still liking to keep up appearances, put on a falsely happy face whenever Reverend McKenzie was with her. But both of them knew that just below the surface of her made-up smile lay a dead and desperate woman.

    Narcissa Malfoy had seen her own son murdered. Killed by the Dark lord for turning traitor and she had never been the same. Something inside of her had died along with Draco; he had been her only son, her only cause for hope in this world. She had dreamed of seeing him grow up, dreamed of throwing rice at his wedding, of holding her first grandchild, but it was not to be.

    The rest of her family had been punished; she couldnít help but think that her punishment was being forced to stay alive. To re-live her sonís death every night in her dreams.

    That night, Narcissa bid goodbye to Reverend McKenzie, and settled down into bed. She prepared to re-live the horrors of her sonís final moments, but when she closed her eyes and fell asleep, all that greeted her was peaceful white.

    The next day, Narcissa Malfoy was buried along with her name.

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