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Thread: SPEW Babble #42

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    And for my exciting news of the day, I've started knitting a scarf. My housemate and I are so bored with the holidays that we went and bought knitting needles and wool yesterday, and we've already taught ourselves how to knit. Success! I wish I was good enough to make cute hats and things, but I think I shall stick to scarves for now
    LOL, I used to love knitting. But I'd always start scarfs and never finish them, because I cast off on too many stitches so each row took for ever. Huh. Maybe I should try again this year and try to actually finish a scarf... hm. I doubt that will happen, but still. Since scarfs are the only thing I can knit, I should finish one eventually, right? Well, good luck with knitting your scarf, Jen. I wish you more success than I've had so far with knitting them >.>

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    Amortentia x
    OMG, we used to always knit in primary school! I knitted a pink Christmas cracker before, and a mint green hand puppet. Except I always lost count of how many stitches I had, and with chubby, stubby ****-tail sausages for fingers, it was sort of awkward >.>

    My parents bought me Sims 3 for doing so well in my exam results (he he), and I'm scarily obsessed. I mean, I kind of preferred Sims 2, but I have such fun creating these luxurious, massive houses and really detailed people, and then I get bored and make new ones/nerd rant.

    I wishhh I was going to Oxegen, SPEWlings. Seriously. I'm so jealous about the line-up. Though I don't think I'm a camping sort of person. But still. The Coronas! Mumford and Sons! Florence and the Machine! Muse! Paolo Nutini! And more! I'm actually gutted that I'm not going. And I so won't be able to afford going next year, because I'll have my debs and 6th year holiday and stuff >.>

    I have such a bad headache too :'(

    -squishes SPEWlings-


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    My mother once tried to teach me to crochet. I'm double jointed. Figure that one out, yeah? Ha ha.

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    Hermoine Jean Granger
    Re: Knitting and craft in general: OMG, I fail at it so much. I learned embroidery when I was young, and that's probably the only thing that I can do a half-decent job with(if I don't lose my patience, that is). I also learned art, but even my stick figures will make you cringe, believe me.

    Actually, we had a class in High School called SUPW(Socially Useful and Productive Work) which was devoted to this kind of thing and social service, and we had to make aprons, mittens, gloves, scarves, table mats, painted pots and other stuff. I seriously lost my patience with stitches, loops, fabric/glass paints and pottery after suffering through that. It didn't help matters that I was consistently never able to get an A(and that pissed me off more than anything else). >.>

    I simply... do not have an aptitude for art and craft, I think(heck yes, bring on the formulae any day!). I enjoy looking at good art, though. I can stare at beautiful photographs and paintings for hours.

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    jenny b
    Why is it so dead in here lately?

    I've made a scarf and an iPod case so far with my knitting escapades. Tomorrow my housemate and I are going on a quest for cheap wool - this is addictive.

    Emma, I've never heard of Oxegen but it sounds like a great festival. I don't know The Coronas but I love the other bands you listed! And gah, festivals are expensive. I was going to go to one next month but it was on the other side of Australia and tickets were upwards of $400 for three nights. x.x

    And happy belated birthday, Russia! Sorry I wasn't here to celebrate on your actual birthday, it's impossible to get the computer from my brother when I go back to my parent's place.

    And guys. PLEASE can you post in the changes to SPEW rules thread. Even if you did earlier, I need at least a yes or no for these proposed changes. It's really not difficult to read that post and tell me if you agree or not. I just want a majority to vote yes before I make any changes.

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    Amortentia x
    -shakes SPEW-

    Let's look aliveee, people!

    Oxegen is an annual music festival in Ireland, Jen - it resembles Glastonbury, I think. It is a bit dodgy, as every year you get fights, tents being broken into, money/drink being stolen and sometimes tents getting burnt and it always, always, always lashes rain... ahem. But in general, it's supposed to be an amazinggg festival. I plan on going sometime, but my cousin says that the festivals across Europe are better and cheaper. We shall see! Oh, and The Coronas are an Irish band, too

    Originally Posted by Jen:
    And guys. PLEASE can you post in the changes to SPEW rules thread.

    Gah. I'm so tired. I stayed at my friend's last night, and we didn't go to sleep until three in the morning, but we were sleeping on the couches in her sitting room, and they're made out of leather and not the comfiest things ever, so I woke up at half five, seven, eight, nine, and then finally slept until twelve x.x

    I have to tidy my room again, because my cousins are staying in my house for the next few days, and they're even messier than I am >.>

    I still haven't seen Toy Story 3! I need to see it. I loved 1 & 2 as a kid. Though I can't hear Tom Hank's voice without thinking of Woody. I want to see it in the cinema, but the cinema is so expensive, too. And I'm a poor, unemployed student :'(

    -- Emma

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    Hermoine Jean Granger
    It is a bit dead in here of late. Where are you, SPEW?

    The Oxegen sounds really great, Emma. I wish we have music festivals here! Well, we do, but not a lot of English stuff; classical and Hindustani music festivals are more popular.

    Quote Originally Posted by Queen O' SPEW
    PLEASE can you post in the changes to SPEW rules thread.
    Did that. =)

    News Flash! Yesterday, I chose my college and course, and I'm very happy because I got my first preferences. I'm currently excited for college.

    Tidying room FTL. >.> Doing it again in a week's time would drive me crazy, for sure. Eep, Emma!

    Speaking of movies, I saw Slumdog Millionaire for the first time yesterday. Let's see, my average yearly movie-watching rate is about a film and a half. <.< My sister wants to watch Toy Story 3, but the next film I'm going to probably watch in cinemas will be DH Part I. VERY EXCITED ABOUT THAT, OMG. (November is just three months and a few days away!)

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    jenny b
    I checked my list and six people is just over half of SPEW's currently active members, so I'm going to go ahead and make the appropriate changes to the rules. For those of you who didn't venture into that thread (and are now receiving glares from me ), our new application system is going to be like this.

    To apply to SPEW, you must have at least 75 posts on the MNFF forums. If you have not got the required number of posts but would still like to apply, you have the option of asking three existing SPEW members to vouch for you. If so, please have them personally contact jenny b about it.
    I know I was going to make it an option that the recommendations could come from people outside of SPEW, but 75 posts really isn't very many, and it holds much more value if the recs come from people I know personally.

    So I'll go change that in the About SPEW thread in a moment.

    Yay for getting your first preferences, Shar! College is so exciting (even though we call it university here). Are you going to be staying at home while you study? I'm pretty sure you've said this on LJ before, but I have a terrible memory.

    Speaking of LJ, I must go add the newbies. I think I have Emma already, but not Alyssa. And do you two have AIM? We really should have a SPEW chat again soon. I just checked my list, actually, and I don't have Amanda or Spire's AIM screenname either. Do you two have one?

    And OMGOMGOMG DH. I went to see Eclipse with my housemate and a friend the other day, and the trailer for DH was the most exciting part of the whole movie. >.> And the trailer for Tomorrow, When The War Began, but that's Australian so most of you probably have no idea about that.

    Now I'm off to take more antibiotics and hope they don't make me vomit again. Ick. And this is only because the doctor THINKS I have whooping cough. He's not even sure! I need to go back on Monday to find out. Gah, I hate being ill.

    *hugs SPEW*

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    Hermoine Jean Granger
    College is so exciting (even though we call it university here).
    It is! We are supposed to call it university here, too, because I just got out of college. Uh, no, we have a pre-university college system here, and that's what I graduated out of. But it's just more comfortable to call it college, you know? That way, you can confuse people who don't know by saying you just got out of college to get into college. >.>

    And yes, I'm going to be at home; college is just ten minutes away!(And better, it's right next to the place I want to do my Master's in. WIN.)

    Now I'm off to take more antibiotics and hope they don't make me vomit again. Ick. And this is only because the doctor THINKS I have whooping cough. He's not even sure!
    Antibiotics, UGH. >.< I hate them. HATE. And I know, doctors just seem to never be able to give concrete answers! It happens to me all the time. =S

    Get better soon, dear.

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    This makes me think that, now with our new members and all, we should tentatively organise a SPEW chat. Now, I know SPEW chats are more random in nature and all, but since there are so many new members, perhaps getting them acclimated to the veterans and having that chance to chat and ask each other questions would be worth making some *gasp* solid plans.
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