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Thread: SPEW Babble #42

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jen
    Now we have two Hannahs and two Jens. GAH SO CONFUSING.
    One other Hannah I can cope with in terms of levels of confusion - I was in one class when I was at school with two other Hannahs, an Anna and an Annie. That was seriously confusing!

    Anyway, hi Hannah.

    Quote Originally Posted by Elene
    Emma, oh school, it has so many ups and downs, but at the end of the day I do miss it, so enjoy it while you can.
    There's also so much more exciting stuff to come though. Uni is so much better. If I had the chance to live my school days over, I'm not sure I would, but I'd go back to my uni days in a flash.

    I finally managed to write an outline last night for my Spooky Swap story; I'm feeling very proud of myself for getting started when it's nowhere near the last minute!


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    Congrats, DINNY!!

    *SQUEE* Yay! I'm so happy for you!
    but I'm still keeping my tiara :]
    Quote Originally Posted by Kuri
    Anyway, somebody mentioned 'triplets'? I am seriously one of three ... the oldest, not that it matters.
    Ohmygoshthatissocool!!! I wish I was a triplet!

    Not that, you know, I'm not loving being a SPEW Triplet or anything . But I wish I was a real, live triplet. Do you guys fight more/less than other siblings? I heard something like the closer in age you are to your sister or brother, the more you fight (which is definitely true in my family!).

    Quote Originally Posted by Emma
    French will be the death of me.
    ME, TOO! Or maybe it's moi aussi. It's super confusing, and I'm only in French II. I only manage to get an A in that class because of all the extra credit I do. Ma prof est un wack-job. Literally. She had a scary conversation with us in which she said her little poodles are her children. And then the class corrected her, saying, "They're like your children" and then she corrected us, and said "They are my children. I was pregnant with them."

    But she's the only one qualified in the district, so we're stuck with her.

    Some random lady just came to our door, and I can hear her and my mom talking. I think she goes to yoga with her, I'm not sure. Still, we didn't invite her and it's sort of weird she knows where we LIVE. Creeeeeepy. If I don't post tomorrow, you'll know what's happened...

    xx Ariana xx

    I just got The Clockwork Angel, part of the prequel series to The Mortal Instruments series! Well, actually I got it on Thursday but today I've finally gotten a chance to really read it .

    My post jumped! It's above Jenny's, when I actually posted after Alyssa. I bet it's the fault of the lady who just came...

    Thank you to Hokey for the beautiful banner. And thank you to everyone who nominated and judged --I'm so grateful to you <3.

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    jenny b
    I'm here to interrupt your babbling with another surprise from the SPEW stork.

    Welcome to SPEW, Dinny/Evora!

    The banner is of course by the overworked Anna, who somehow hasn't gotten sick of my tiara requests yet.

    Now everyone get in here and welcome Dinny in SPEW's own special way! Do we have a straightjacket fitter anymore? It used to be Kasey, but since she's left I think we need a new one. *grabs measuring tape and cackles evilly*

    ETA: What's that I hear? Your Queen is suuuuuper organised and has edited the SPEW archives page so all the newbies/returnees are up there? She's amazing, I know.

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    Wow - I've gotten behind!

    First -- Welcome, Evora/Dinny! I'm so used to thinking of you as Evora, I might have troubles with Dinny. I'm pretty new myself, so I'm keeping my tiara until the end of the month.

    Emma -- As much as I felt like I just didn't get enough accomplished over the summer as I wanted to, I actually was glad when school started again. Another reminder, I suppose, that this is where I want to be forever. Still, it took me awhile to get adjusted to the schedule again, and I'm not entirely sure I'm adjusted yet. Don't let French kill you! French is actually a pretty logical language if you can get your mind to wrap around it. I'm glad you have good friends, though.

    Elene -- I'm not really looking for great vampire novels (although, I'm not opposed to them, either). I just figured that with what he did world-building-wise with the Uglies, he might have an unusual take on vampires, and I was curious about it. I still am, even if the book ends up being boring. He just seems to have an interesting take on things, so I was curious.

    Kuri -- Glad to see you here and make your acquaintance (again?). I have seen you around a lot, but I'm not sure, considering your internet issues, we've actually met. Though I have a suspicion you might have also been around when I was active the last time. I don't know. My head's all messed up.

    I suppose people have asked you this a million times, but: what's it like to actually be a triplet?

    Hannah -- I agree with you about uni (although I'm American, so I never call it that). I think I might end up getting a Ph.D. just so I can be a professor and stay in college forever. But middle school/high school might not be as bad as a teacher as it was as a kid.

    I don't have anything else exciting at the moment.

    Edit: Yes, Jen -- of course you're awesome!

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    DINNY!! Yes! You made it! Welcome to everyone else, by the way.

    Have fun in SPEW!

    Oh Jen! Youre back! Welcome!

    School has started and it isn't that bad. Except my honors history gives so much homework. I really don't want to read the autobigraphy of Ben Franklin. So boring. I have five days to read it and write six paragraphs on it. :/ Let's hope I don't die of bordom first. I might just listen to it on tape, but I need to mark in the book where stuff is.

    The teacher told us to write in our books, but I don't want to. >.<

    I want to outline my Spooky Swap but I don't have time. Which is sad.

    This month is going to be a great one, though. Two concerts and the last book in The Chronicals of Vladimir Tod series is comming out. Anyone else read that?
    ily Andi, Lise, Ronnie, and Becca.

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    Dinnyyyyyyyyyyy! You've made it! See, I told you all you had to do was put yourself out there.

    Ariana: Just read your drabble, and it be ever so slightly amazing. I love the normalcy and the ease of camaraderie with your characters. The last line was ♥.
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    Ariana -- Since your post jumped, I know that you posted it after I did . . . in addition to teaching English, I'm also hoping to teach French. I have a Master's in it. Hopefully I'd be a better teacher than your wack-job! My French teacher in high school used to yell at us saying that we all spoke French like Spanish cows . She also had favorites and thought that all there was to the language was work. So to her, people who still didn't get it were just lazy. I had a knack for it, so she loved me, but it was probably a lot like being Draco in Potions. She also had a big problem with one of the gay guys in the class: she kept trying to "turn him straight" .

    Anyway, the point is, I want to take some of what she did, because we did all learn French (we had to because she was scary), but I want to avoid the bad parts (maybe she was *too* scary).

    Alyssa -- The autobiography of Ben Franklin does sound boring. Here's lots of luck to get through it!

    I've not read The Chronicals of Vladimir Tod. What are they like?

    I wish I could have been in SPEW in time for the Spooky Swap -- I love all things Halloweeny. Maybe they'll have it again next year.

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    Vorona, my dear Triplet: You have a Master's in French? Wow.Wow.Wow.Wow.Wow! My mind is blown. Literally, there's a breeze over my brain right now. That is just so cool! I really think you should become a French teacher, it would do a lot of good to humanity . Why is it that all the French teachers are merte? Your teacher sounds super horrible!

    Jess: That review just made my day (and it's only midnight, so you did me a lot of good ). Seriously, though, I'm so glad you liked it! It was really fun for me to write.

    So, I just finished watching Gladiator for the first time, and it was so, so, incredibly amazing. It's now one of my favorite movies--it's so beautiful. It's kind of (well, a lot) violent, but the story is great and I just love the Romans! I'm too lazy to go onto IMDB after this, but for anyone who's seen it: Is the princess (can't think of the correct terminology right now) played by Naomi Watts or Nicole Kidman? I was fighting with my sister over this--she says Nicole and I say Naomi. I am so right .

    xx Ariana xx

    I'm posting after Jess, although Vorona's post is the last one showing...this is just to verify that there is something freaky about these forums. I'm too tired to come back and edit if this doesn't go where it's supposed to. Although technically, it could go either after Jess's and before Vorona's; or after Vorona's.
    THIS is why I shouldn't be on the computer this late!

    Thank you to Hokey for the beautiful banner. And thank you to everyone who nominated and judged --I'm so grateful to you <3.

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    Yay! We have SPEW explosion at the moment (and the great thing about lots of newbies and returnees, as well as the obvious awesomeness is that there are so many super-shiny Anna banners! )

    Welcome to the madness, Dinny!

    I miss studying French actually. I really enjoyed it at school, and I'm so rusty these days. My French teacher was brilliant. She was on about her fourth husband and had the most awesome dress sense - she taught me for four years or so and I never saw her in the same outfit twice!

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    jenny b
    What concerts are you going to, Alyssa? I went to one last weekend, which was so much fun. Concerts that cost $20 and that only have about 100 people there are the best, in my opinion. I love my Aussie music

    Yes, Vorona, you newbies joined a little late for Spooky Swap! But Secret SPEW (our Christmas exchange) starts in November, immediately after Spooky Swap, and that is my FAVOURITE SPEW SWAP ever. So you should definitely do that one! And we do Spooky Swap most years, so don't worry too much about missing it.

    I don't study French and never have, so I can't really take part in that discussion. I did have a crazy Chinese teacher in high school, but don't get me started on that story.

    I just went and saw Tomorrow When The War Began with my housemate, and GAH IT WAS AMAZING. An Australian movie, so I don't know if it's showing in/coming to cinemas in other countries? But if it is, GO SEE IT. I seriously cannot convey my love for it. It's based on a really well-known Australian book, and I've been waiting for this movie for YEARS. I wish we still had other Aussie SPEWers so I could flail with them!

    Annnnd I'm off to make myself some dinner. <3, SPEW.

    ETA: Oh, and SPEW chats. I'm thinking we might want to organise one. SPEW chats have always been kind of random-whoever's-online, but that was back in the days when everyone was on AIM all the time. I understand that people have lives now. So what are some tentative days and times that work for you guys? I won't bother putting mine, since my timezone is so out of it that it'll probably end up being three in the morning or something for me. xD

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