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Thread: SPEW Babble #42

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    jenny b

    SPEW Babble #42

    Previously in the babble:

    • We welcomed Emma/Amortentia x to our ranks of insanity!
    • Spire returned from hiatus, but she is yet to come out of lurkdom.
    • We were discussing the new Deathly Hallows trailer and how awesome it is.
    • Mere is leaving for India! OMG!
    • I still have one (not-very-exciting) surprise for you all. Bwahaha.
    • Reviews are due in soon! Very soon. *

    * On that note, I probably should make an official end-of-month time. For me, the end of the month is in less than six hours but it seems a bit cruel to close it on my time zone since I'm way ahead of everyone. When do you think? 12AM GMT, or an American one? Is it DST you lot use? Because usually I just leave it a few days so I don't get complaints that I closed them too early. But that's not very efficient. >.>

    Now we shall watch the babble die off for a few days as is typical whenever we start a new thread.

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    Welcome to SPEW, Emma!

    New DH trailer -- I thought it was pretty good. Although the final Harry/Voldemort scene looks nothing like I imagined it, really, but meh. I'm not getting too hopeful about the film though, cos I got really excited for HBP and came out of the cinema rather disappointed. Still, DH is being split into two -- that's got to be of benefit, surely?// rambling.

    Jen, I love my banner, thank you. And I'm curious about the not-very-exciting surprise!

    Bye, SPEW xx

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    omg Jenny that banner you made for Spire is so cute! I love it

    And I'm coming out of the shadows for the new thread! It's very spiffy. And I finished my reviews for the month! I'm excited.

    Welcome to SPEW Emma!

    You're gonna love it here! Really. It's amazing. You get to talk about nothing and up yous post count lol that's not what we're all about though!

    I haven't seen the trailer yet! I know I know, I'm horrible. I'm too lazy to go search for it now though. I'll just keep it a surprise! haha. Speaking of it being split into two though, they're doing the same with Twilight. Which annoys me. I actually like Twilight and read it when my friend suggested it to me and I fell in love, not gonna lie. The movie was of course terrible, but they're getting better as they're now more hollywood movies. The first one was very low budgeted and was suppose to be an indie film, but the vampire craze changed that. Anyways, now I feel like they're REALLY just trying to milk money out of it. Like HP actually NEEDS to be in two. Twilight. No. Nothing even really happens in the fourth book! I'm gonna love to see how they make it in two films...

    I'm really hungry (no big surprise there).

    OMG! I thought I had to pick classes today for university and I went to go do it and I can't do it until July 5th!!! I'm so angry, I was so excited to finally choose my courses. I've already planned them out, but I don't know if they'll allow me to take all of the classes I want. Right now I have five courses on Wednesday alone! I'm going to die.. but I actually need all of the courses I'm taking cause I dug myself a grave by doing a double major. Ugh. And in English too!! There's so many books to read in english classes... and having four! That's like four books a week. Le sigh. But there are some pretty cool classes.. like Children's Literature Sounds exciting!

    K I'm boring you all. TATA!


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    Amortentia x
    Eeeeek, thanks for all the additional welcomes, my dears

    Mere: I added you! x

    My name on LJ is emmapowahhh. I always like to make more friends

    Sarah: Your courses for college sound really cool, but kind of scarily busy, ha ha. Children's Literature sounds particularly interesting! Good luck with applying on the 5th x

    Spire: Hi! I won't say welcome, as I'm the newbie and you're the return-ee, but hello

    Jen: I can't wait for the non-exciting surprise, too!

    It's raining here. I'm very upset. Why does Irish weather not understand the laws of summer weather? I want SUN. Not rain. Bah humbug.

    I'm supposed to go to a Wildlife Park tomorrow with a friend for the day. I don't think that's going to happen if this weather continues

    I've nearly finished the second series of Grey's Anatomy, and my aunt doesn't have any other of the series on DVDs. My life is suddenly looking obsession empty. I shall need something else to fuel my addictive nature. Suggestions?

    *squishes SPEW*

    -- Emma

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    Welcome Back Spire!!

    And WELCOME EMMA!! I knew you'd get in, because you are super awesome.

    I am getting my hopes up for the movies...for the sole reason that I've decided to stop caring how much they screw up for now. I'll just enjoy it for what it is, and then get upset later. The trailer was sufficiently epic enough that I think I should be able to do that...I had a slight twinge somewhere in the back of my mind at Voldie and Harry's duel but I'm trying not to think about all the potential things they could be screwing up just with that. I seriously made me cry. So there were some tears by the time it got to Harry/Voldie anyway and I just absorbed the music and the fact that even if it was wrong, they made sure it looked darn good.

    EMMA: You probably know what I'm about to say from LJ, but look up Spartacus (if you can, it was on Starz) or Dexter!! They are both so good! Though, Spartacus is ridiculously violent, gory, bloody, graphic, and rampant with nudity and profanity. LOL if you are ahhh, okay with that. It was a little much for me in the beginning, but I got over it with the awesomeness of the show.

    And Russia, if you read this: I had that problem with the reviews, too, and I was having tagging issues. Once I got rid of some of the tags (<>) then it let me post the whole thing. I don't know if I had something tagged wrong, or if it just didn't want tags, because I've used tags in reviews since then (like, just 10 minutes ago), but that's how I was able to post mine if it helps.

    I am leaving to go to Virginia very late tomorrow night, and won't be back until Sunday...which means Monday, since we'll have been traveling all day. On of my husband's cousins is getting married. Not exactly my ideal way to spend my 4th of July weekend, especially as my company is giving me Friday AND Monday off, but, oh well. Family is what family is!

    So, happy early 4th for everyone in the US!


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    jenny b
    So no one cares when I close the threads, then? I'll give it a few more hours anyway just in case someone does last-minute reviews.

    Ugh, they're making Breaking Dawn into two movies? I completely agree with you, Sarah. That book is just ... idk. I finished it and was like '...what even happened?' The only substantial plotline in the whole book is the baby, and that is possibly the most ridiculous thing in the entire world. It'll be hard for them to make it into two movies.

    Ooh, Children's Literature sounds like a great topic to do. My friend who goes to different university to me did that, and she got to read Harry Potter! I wish I had known about it beforehand so I could have joined her. (We have three universities in one city here, and you're able to do topics at other universities if you want.) And I totally feel you on the reading. Last semester I did a topic called Approaches to Literature, and we needed to read one book a week. It doesn't sound so bad, but when you have other work to do and the novels are all like Dracula and Jane Eyre, it becomes a bit of a pain.

    So what are your two majors, Sarah? Are they within English, or are you doing English and something else? (Here, English itself is a major - it's what I'm doing. xD)

    I asked the modlies about Russia's reviews, but I doubt they'll be able to do anything about it. It's probably just an issue with the coding - maybe take Amanda's advice and don't put any tags in. It could work.

    You're from Ireland, Emma? How cool! I'd love to go there one day. And it's the home of our former SPEW Queen!

    In news from my utterly boring life, I joined the gym yesterday. >.> I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHY, I AM SO UNFIT IT'S RIDICULOUS. But my housemate and our friend have been bugging me about it, so now I'm going to a pump class with my housemate tomorrow that our friend teaches. How embarrassing.

    Okay. Ridiculously long post is over. <3, SPEW.

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    Jess is the featured author, and Jess is slightly nervous about this. Please be kind, SPEWlings, for I am I fragile soul.

    And yes, you can start scoffing now.

    Guess what, all? I've remembered that I have a portable USB memory stick! Now, so I don't have to monopolize the only internet-capable computer in the house to review. I can just copy the fic and do it on my own computer. Yay! The same goes with writing, so my 007 is BACK ON! I just hate writing without my online reference tools. They keep me from going insane or getting stuck. Oh, well. Life goes on, I suppose.
    Jess WritesJess DrabblesJess DuelsJess PoetsJess Draws

    Gorgeous banner by Dinny / Evora.
    I'm no longer active, but my inbox is always open. I'd love to hear from you!

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    Hermoine Jean Granger
    OMG! I thought I had to pick classes today for university and I went to go do it and I can't do it until July 5th!!!
    I'm in the same situation here, Sarah! Except, I have to choose universities instead of courses. It was supposed to be on June 18th, but now they're having it on the 7th. Which is kind of fail, because I was so very excited for that. >.> Now I'm not, because it's going to be a riot, what with the authorities trying to get far more people to do their registration than is humanly possible. -_-

    Oh, and Shar goes by hermoinejean7 on LJ. (I'm very imaginative, you see.) I warn you for potential tennis rants which might bore you to death, however, and inane life details which aren't very interesting. Add away if you want to! =) I need to revamp my LJ, though. It's been two years and there's junk everywhere.

    No, I beat everyone on the unfit scale, by like a mile and a half. >.>

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    jenny b
    Hem Hem.
    Welcome to SPEW,
    Alyssa/ron lover!

    Yaaaaaay! Let's shower her with confetti and cookies. *pickles Alyssa*

    The banner's mine again, since Anna's going off on a holiday to the US. I hope you like pink, hun. >.>

    Oh, and I don't think I've ever seen reviews up in the monthly thread so fast. Jen and Emma, you're amazing.

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    Woo, welcome to SPEW, Alyssa!

    Quote Originally Posted by Jen
    Oh, and I don't think I've ever seen reviews up in the monthly thread so fast. Jen and Emma, you're amazing.
    Hehee, yes, although Bine always used to post barely after Jenna had put up the thread, like every month. I used to be really good at getting my reviews done quickly, too, but now I procrastinate a stupid amount just because >.>

    And I was wondering where SPEW buddies had gone the other day, and now they're back! I love irony like that, when you think about something and then it comes up/happens. /if that makes sense?

    *pickles SPEWlings*

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