Previously in the babble:

  • We welcomed Emma/Amortentia x to our ranks of insanity!
  • Spire returned from hiatus, but she is yet to come out of lurkdom.
  • We were discussing the new Deathly Hallows trailer and how awesome it is.
  • Mere is leaving for India! OMG!
  • I still have one (not-very-exciting) surprise for you all. Bwahaha.
  • Reviews are due in soon! Very soon. *

* On that note, I probably should make an official end-of-month time. For me, the end of the month is in less than six hours but it seems a bit cruel to close it on my time zone since I'm way ahead of everyone. When do you think? 12AM GMT, or an American one? Is it DST you lot use? Because usually I just leave it a few days so I don't get complaints that I closed them too early. But that's not very efficient. >.>

Now we shall watch the babble die off for a few days as is typical whenever we start a new thread.