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Thread: Population Changes

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    Population Changes

    I have lately been doing a lot of thinking about the enrollment numbers at Hogwarts. In Harry's class, we estimate that his class size was at about thirty, but also keep in mind, this was when Voldemort's reign was at it's peak, so I imagine having children wasn't really a top priority for a lot of people, or at least more than one child (don't know what was happening with the Weasleys, or if they'll just survive nuclear war along with the cockroaches).

    But anyway, do you see there being a noteable birthrate change between times when Voldemort was reigning and in times of peace?

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    There tends to be increses in birth rates during times of war and post war, so I can actually see the birthrate during Voldemort's reign as increasing.

    I know it sounds odd, but when faced with the prospect of death al lot of people think procreation is the way to go - a way to ensure their survival/ link to immortality.

    Post-war, it's a time of celebration, and people get a bit lax about *coughcontraceptioncough*.


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    That's figures based on actual warfare though, right? Like with tanks and guns and killings. The wizarding wars don't compare real-world wars in this respect because there wasn't much loss of life during either of them - both were more of an ideological conflict than open warfare. In fact, the wizard population is so small, I doubt there'd be any meaningful change whether Voldemort was in power, defeated, or dancing the Charleston. There might be maybe a small spike after Voldemort's downfall (nine months after his death, like), but nothing you'd notice; an extra kid or two in the right years at Hogwarts, if that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DeadManSeven
    The wizarding wars don't compare real-world wars in this respect because there wasn't much loss of life during either of them - both were more of an ideological conflict than open warfare.
    I have to disagree with this. Voldemort's reign caused a lot of deaths, as we see in DH alone, and his time in power was shorter lived than the first war. If we go back to the picture of the first Order, Moody points out how almost everyone in the picture had passed on by the hands of Voldemort. And this was just people in the Order.. there were people who were innocent causulties and there were also a lot of deaths that we never heard about in the books, simply because Harry was never introduced to the families. There were also a lot of muggle casualties, enough to make their way into the Muggle papers if I remember correctly.

    Now I know that the muggle population has nothing to do with this, but I'm trying to make a point that Voldemort did in fact cause a lot of terror and deaths while he was in power. So I think it was very much like a real-world war, and therefore there would probably be a population change. I'd say a year or two after Harry would house a lot more children as Voldemort's first defeat was July 31 (Harry's B-day!), and so the "boom" would occur roughly nine months later in May or June of the next year.

    I wonder if CoS mentions anything about more students than Harry's year... Maybe if Harry and Ron had actually been able to show up for the dinner we could find out!

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