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    Wizard Publishing Company

    Do we know of any know publishing companies within the Harry Potter books? Do we ever here mention of who publishes the textbooks or Gilderoy Lockhart's books?

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    Well... we know of at least one big publishing house, and that's the Daily Prophet. Since it appearsto be pretty much the only major daily newspaper in wizarding England, the Prophet probably has expansive printing equipment capable of producing certain types books (probably softcover) in addition to rolling off newsprint.

    While they would certainly not be in the textbook business, I could see the Daily Prophet printing collections of stories or a short book written by one of their staff members. The Daily Prophet (or Daily Prophet Inc., or whatever the actual company is called) also probably makes good money printing orders for smaller companies that do not own a press.

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    Quidditch Through the Ages is published by Whizz Hard Books, and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is published by Obscurus Books.

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