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Thread: school stories not set at Hogwarts

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    school stories not set at Hogwarts

    I'm looking for any story that is not set at Hogwarts but is still a chaptered action/adventure/general kind of thing.

    I am completely caught up on Inverarity's Alexandra Quick series and Tim the Enchanter's Für Das Größere Wohl. I've also read Marissa and the Wizards.

    Any other suggestions?

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    I wrote something along those lines. It's not as long as the stories you've mentioned - maybe a novella to their novel - but Matthew Seven has very little to do with Hogwarts at all.

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    Molly/OliveOil_Med (click for her author page) has a LOT of stories set in schools that aren't Hogwarts. Most of them are in America, from what I can recall.

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