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Thread: Magical Interference with Electronics

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    originally posted by Tim the Enchater
    Plus, I believe they [the satellites] will still be able to see the castle in perfect clarity, and here's my reasoning. Whatever spells Hogwarts has apparently fiddles with the minds of Muggles, making them see a ruin instead of a fully-functioning magical school. A spy satellite, on the other hand, is essentially a camera mounted in space, and doesn't have a brain that can be fooled. And since the enchantments on Hogwarts are likely to be hundreds of years old, they probably haven't been upgraded to counter such high-altitude surveillance.
    Perhaps the satellite itself would take a picture of Hogwarts, but the spell that fiddles with the minds of Muggles would somehow make the Muggles not see the castle for what it is in the picture. It's of a stretch, I admit.

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    I don't know if you still need the electricity thing answered, but I had a thought last night. Throughout the books, Harry uses electricity. In PoA, he does his homework at night by torch light. He also lives with muggles and not anywhere does it mention the appliances failing to work. I highly believe that the only reasons they don't work in Hogwarts is due to all the protection, but wizards themselves can use them. Think, Ron drives a car in the epilogue of DH. Mr. Weasley also tinkers with electronics. As for the satalite, Muggles would see only a ruin, as described in GoF. I think it could be seen, but not plotted, if that makes sense. Sort of like the place in Spy Kids 2.
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    Something I have always found myself wondering is would there be a difference between electronics that ran off of an electronic outlet or electronics that run on batteries? If there is a difference, what would cause this?

    What are the general opinions?

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