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Thread: The wand chooses the wizard...

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    The wand chooses the wizard...

    Do you think Harry's wand chose him becuase of the piece of Voldemort' soul inside him, at all?

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    Quote Originally Posted by memish
    Do you think Harry's wand chose him becuase of the piece of Voldemort' soul inside him, at all?
    It's too big of a coincidence for Harry's wand to share the same phoenix's feathers as Voldemort's. I think you can safely assume that the wand chose Harry because it recognised him as (literally) having some part of Voldemort in him.

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    Thanks, that makes sense. In that vein, after the Harry-horcrux was destroyed, could Harry have lost some of his "connection" or whatever with his wand?

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    If wands truly "choose" who they want to be with (for lack of a better term) then probably not.

    The phoenix core was drawn to Harry because he has some Voldemort in him. But the wood is completely different, making the wand completely different.

    Harry's wand still chose him in the end.

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    Didn't Ollivander say something along the lines of "odd combination"? I'd say that would probably be a pretty good sum up of Harry's soul and part of Voldemort's soul inhabiting the same body.

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    It does seem rather symbolic, doesn't it. Sharing the same inner core but having a vastly different exterior. The fact that it does seem to be an odd combination seems symbolic too.

    I believe that J.K. has said interviews, also, that the woods used in the different wands was symbolic as well in Celtic mythology, where every year, the Holly King defeats the Yew King so that the sun will rise again.

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    I think that it probably noticed him because of his bit of Voldemort, but chose him because of who he was, not because of the bit. I suspect that the wand cores being the same could (maybe) have something to do with Harry and Voldy both being powerful wizards.
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