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Thread: Rita Skeeter and/or her work

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    Rita Skeeter and/or her work

    Hello again

    I'd like to see some Rita Skeeter-centered fics, please. Or it could be a chapter in a fic starring her, or just a one-shot, anything. I'd just like to see how other writers portray Rita. Or maybe a fic which shows an article written by Rita--she doesn't necessarily have to be there...if any of that makes sense.

    Anything with Rita or any of her work.

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    The DEFINITIVE Rita Skeeter story is

    Becoming Rita by Hestia Jones.

    Rita Skeeter is an infamous journalist whose "savage quill has punctured many inflated reputations." But was she always like the annoying pest who Harry knows? What about her story? How did she become the Rita Skeeter we all love to hate?
    She's also in the first chapter of my Dean Thomas fic *cough splutter click banner below*, but it's only a small confrontation with Lucius.


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    *prostrates before Carole for recommending my fic*

    I recommend our very own Greenius/greennotebook's Rita Skeeter Tells All (and Then Some). An interesting tug-of-war between Skeeter and an idealistic reporter.


    The Triwizard Tournament is being reopened again, ten years after the last try. Rita Skeeter is still on the reporting scene, much to the unhappiness of Amanda Claybourne, a young reporter hoping to get rid of Skeeter's style of journalism. How will Amanda and Rita manage when they're teamed together to write about the Triwizard Tournament?

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